Best soccer matches to bet on during the last week of 2016

Soccer matches to bet 2016

New Year’s Eve is approaching fast and you’ll want to enter 2017 in wealth. We know how much you love to bet on football, that’s why we searched for the most intriguing matches and the best value odds and we would like to bring to your attention the bets that will definitely fit your interests for the last week of 2016. Compare the odds and place your bets through the bookmaker that benefits you the most.

SUNDAY, Dec 25 VIP-IBC: Early Bangladesh Premier League, Sheikh Russell KC vs Arambagh KS MONDAY, Dec 26 BetISN: English Premier League, Leicester City vs Everton TUESDAY, Dec 27 Matchbook: English Premier League: Liverpool vs Stoke WEDNESDAY, Dec 28 SBOBET: English Premier League, Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur Thursday, Dec 29 Take a rest from European Football and try some American Football: Pinnacle: NCAA, South Carolina vs South Florida FRIDAY, Dec 30 MAXBET: Portugal Liga PRO: Academica Coimbra vs Sporting Lisbon B Pinnacle: Manchester United vs Middlesbrough [apss_share]