Borussia Dortmund VS RB Leipzig

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On February 4th Borussia Dortmund will host RB Leipzig at their home stadium Signal-Iduna-Park. It’s an important match for both teams and Matchbook is ready with the best odds for this event! They are direct contenders in pursuit of their goals and they both are in need of reaching and surpassing the team in front of them at the table.

Borussia is 4th with 31 points and needs a victory to stay close or get over Eintracht Frankfurt who is 3rd with 32. Leipzig is 2nd with 42 points and needs a victory to stay close to Bayern Munich who is at the top with 45.

RB Leipzig is a newbie with a history of success. The club was founded in 2009 by the energy drink Red Bull (hence the RB in the title). They began their course at the NOFV-Oberliga Süd (V) during the 2009-2010 season and have been climbing divisions each year. Now, on their first Bundesliga season, they have managed to overtake all traditional German teams and present themselves as second only to the heavy main battle tank of the German football Bayern Munich.

For this game Borussia can’t count on Sven Bender and Sebastian Rode who are out with ankle injuries. Mario Götze is also doubtful for an appearance as he is down with a cold. Leipzig on the other hand have their full roster available to travel to Dortmund and face their opponents in their home stadium and their very supportive fans.

This is a chance for RB Leipzig to do something very spectacular. By winning this they stay close to Bayern Munich and get to present a serious challenge to win the title in their very first participation! Will Borussia be able to stop RB Leipzig? Trust your feelings and back up your decision by betting online for your favorite team to win at the fastest growing Exchange of Matchbook. You can get an account here via BET-IBC! To help you check if your feelings tell you the right thing, here are the odds posted:

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