Bundesliga: Tighter than ever!

It is by far the most interesting and competitive edition of the German Bundesliga within the last 20 years or so! While the main battle tank under the name of Bayern Munich may have run 11 points ahead of the competition, there are 7 teams battling it out for the positions that lead to the European competitions within a distance of 4 points! Surely a very interesting situation that opens up quite a few avenues for those who want to open accounts and place their bets the best agent for Asian bookies!

After quite a long time it is not Dortmund that’s following Bayern but Schalke 04 at 30 points. Then we have Dortmund, Bayern Leverkusen, RB Leipzig and Borussia at 28 and Hoffenheim and Eintracht of Frankfurt (quite a feat for a long time resident of the second division!) at 26! So, every single match played in the German football stadiums is as important as the previous and the next and you will need to pay close attention to the developments!

The most interesting bet-wise battle of the weekend is scheduled for 6:30 pm GMT+1 at the Red Bull Arena between RB Leipzig and Schalke 04. And here are the stakes:

  • A victory for the hosts would allow them to surpass the visitors and gain a foothold within the first triad of the league
  • A victory for the visitors will have them detaching at least 2 points ahead of the competition and the closest contenders to Bayern Munich
  • A draw will serve neither side as both will fall behind
  • One of their main contenders Bayern Leverkusen is hosting Bayern Munich and is not expected to win, therefore, it’s the chance for both to get rid of a thorn in their sides

Certainly the stakes are quite high and they make a very interesting case for you to place your bets supporting your favorite team to multiple bookmakers at the same time via a single account at our VIP-IBC platform. But what are the chances for each of them for the victory? Let’s take a look:

  • Schalke have scored 28 goals and conceded 21 while Leipzig have scored 27 and conceded 25. Not much of an advantage for either side here.
  • Leipzig did not manage a single win throughout December and thus far in 2018. In fact they did not manage to win ANY of their 3 matches at home losing to Besiktas 1-2 for the Champions League and 2-3 to Herta Berlin while the drew on a shocking 2-2 against Meinz.
  • Schalke have not been defeated in their last 5 games. They defeated Augsburg 3-2, Koln 1-0 and Genk 2-1 while their matches against Borussia and Eintracht ended up in drews 1-1 and 2-2 respectively.

It certainly looks favorable for Schalke 04, doesn’t it? Is this your opinion too? But is it indeed so? Or is it that Leipzig feeling their backs to the wall will come out all guns blazing? It’s time to trust your instincts, your feelings and place some bets on the outcome. There’s profit for you if you do. Just fill in the registration form to open an account through the most trusted agent, make the initial deposit and off you go!