Carioca Championship 2017

Carioca_championshipThe third round of the Carioca Championship is on its way and the qualification rounds are almost completed. This weekend, the teams of group B will fight it out to determine which ones will get to the finals and which will not due to their adverse results.

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The matches that have been scheduled for Saturday February 4th, are:

  • Flamengo vs Nova Iguaçu
  • Botafogo vs Macaé
  • Boa Vista vs Madureira

Botafogo and Macaé are in a very difficult position as both of them lost their last games to Madureira and Flamengo respectively. Now they have to pull it together and prove they can get over the loss and literally turn things around. The prize (that Vasco da Gama took home last year for a second time in a row) is Taça Guanabara.

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Who do you think is going to break the cycle? Is it at all breakable in the first place?