Champions League Quarter Finals – the second legs

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On April 18 and April 19 the second legs of the quarter finals for the Champions League will be played. In the previous years the results were more or less expectable as to who would advance to the semi-finals. This is very far from this year’s truth. Especially after the rather unexpected results of the first legs. Sbobet wants you to participate in the excitement releasing a set of very tempting odds.

Let’s begin with the matches scheduled for April 18:

Real Madrid – Bayern Munich

Real Madrid defeated Bayern in Munich 2-1 and definitely has the upper hand. But who can say that the Bavarians have no or very little chances to reverse the outcome? Especially now that Lewandofski returns to spearhead the effort? Not to forget that Manuel Neuer saved a bundle on the first leg proving that he is in form and that he is the best goalkeeper in the world and that the rock of the German defense, Mats Hummels, returns. Real will definitely have a much harder task on their hands this time.

Leicester City – Atletico Madrid

Leicester City lost to Atletico Madrid with a match discussed penalty call converted by Antoine Griezmann. The English may not be doing well in the Premiership but in the Champions League they have been performing magnificently. The 1-0 result is probably the hardest to overturn but the one that gives the most hope as well. Especially for a side that feels they have been wronged in the first leg.

Things are equally interesting for the confrontations of April 19:

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AS Monaco – Borussia Dortmund

The world held their breaths after the bombing incident on Borussia’s bus right before the first leg last week. Despite the handicap, they played and lost to AS Monaco 2-3. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the French but now the Germans have something to prove and a healthy ego to prove their claim.

Barcelona – Juventus

Last but by no means least, comes the main event. There is no other way to describe the confrontation between Barcelona and Juventus. The Italians ravaged the Spaniards 3-0 on the first leg and if the Catalonians have not overturned the 4-0 defeat they suffered at PSG with the impressive 6-1 victory that brought them against Juventus (even though many dispute the outcome due to the referee’s calls), no one in their right mind would be talking about their chances. Nevertheless, Juventus is not PSG and the question must be: can Barcelona pull off a second miracle in a row?

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