Champions League Quarters and Finals

Champions League

The moment you have all been waiting for is here. Champions League quarters finals are right around the corner, starting with the matches Sevilla vs. Bayern and Juventus vs. Real Madrid on this coming Tuesday, on April 3rd, both being played at 8:45 Central European Time.  Register now for the best VIP-IBC betting account, and place your bets simultaneously at the Best Asian Bookmakers

The current champion Real Madrid is facing a tough game on Tuesday, as Juventus has been performing really well for the past games, and they are motivated to take this game to the next level and revenge the defeat they suffered last year with Real Madrid in Cardiff.
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The match between Sevilla and Bayern is also promised to be one with adrenaline. Sevilla has 3 won, 2 drawn and only 1 lost games for the last 5 games, while Bayern has 4 won, 0 Drawn and 2 lost matches. The match on Tuesday is a tight one, considering both teams are strong and have a good strategic plan.
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The next games for the first leg of the Quarter Final are on Wensday, April the 4th. On this day we have four teams which have been proved their professionalism and their game rank till now.
Liverpool will face Man City, in a game which is thought to be an exciting one, also being the 160th time when they meet. Liverpool has been having the most wins during their meetings, with 72 wins, 41 draws, and only 43 losses. What will happen on Wensday? Will Liverpool make the 73rd winning or will it be Man City’s turn this time? Check out the best tipsters on our page, and get ready to make some winnings yourself, by placing your bets for this game on our unique VIP-IBC platform.

For the Barcelona’s fans, get ready for a head- turning game on Wensday.  Roma will face Barcelona at 8:45 Central European Time, and considering their performances for the last five matches they played, Barcelona is favoured to win. But who knows how the match will end? Maybe Roma will shock everyone and get the win themselves. Check all the Champions League matches and get in the centre of action by betting on your favourites here.