Champions League – Round of 16


The round of 16 is the round that in most cases separates the wheat from the chaff in the Champions League. From this point on only the best will advance to the next round. 4 Spanish teams, 3 British, 3 German, 2 Italian, 2 French and 2 Portuguese teams have made it up to this point on a very interesting distribution of locales.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are still the favorites to win the title but none can count out the Old Lady, the Gunners, the Sky Blues or the three consecutive times winner of the Europa League Seville. It would also be extremely interesting to see if Benfica can at last break the infamous “Bella Goodman Curse”. Tantalizing isn’t it?

The first leg for the eight matches has been set for February 14/15 and February 21/22, resuming the competition after the winter break. It will be interesting to see the condition of the teams now as it will be quite different from what they were at the end of the round of 32. The matches of the first leg will also have a great impact on the odds that will be offered for the second legs, making them even more interesting bettingwise.

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It should be a real feast for the fans who have been waiting impatiently to be part of the greatest club competition of Europe! Check out here the schedule for more information and do not hesitate to open your account today and here with BET-IBC!



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