A Closer Look: Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic (or as written in his own language Novak Đoković) has been a major player in the tennis courts. He’s the first Serbian to ever win a Grand Slam Title and is currently the holder of a very unique record. He is the player with the highest rate of wins in the Open Era with an impressive 82.8%! However, his large fan base does not love him just for that. They also love his never-ending energy, his adorable attitude and his unique sense of humor. Currently, we are watching him at the courts of the Australian Open 2018. If you want to support him (or any other player for that matter), you can find the best odds on VIP-IBC via Asian betting broker .

His record is simply impressive:

  • 12 men’s singles grand slam titles
  • 5 ATP finals titles
  • 30 Masters 1000 Series titles
  • 12 ATP World Tour 500 tournaments

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It’s not a surprise that in 2012 he became #1 in the rankings and stayed there for 223 weeks winning for himself a hero’s designation in his country Serbia.

The person to award credit for his discovery is the legendary Jelana Gencic who found him when he was 8. She recited an incidence between herself and young Novak:

“When I asked him ‘What will you be when you grow up?’ when he was so little, he told me ‘I’ll be #1 around the world.”

Well, he definitely kept his word! Ever since he started participating in tournaments at the age of 14 he stood out of the competition. The years to mark in his career are:

  • 2003: he turned professional
  • 2004: first appearance in tour-level tournaments
  • 2005: first appearance at the Australian open
  • 2006: first ATP titles
  • 2007: reached the top 10 ranking and the first major final
  • 2008: won his first Grand Slam title
  • 2012: becoming #1
  • 2016: became one of only 8 players in the world to win a Career Grand Slam (all 4 grand slam titles not in the same year)

He has been a top player for a very long time. That’s reason enough for everyone to ask “What is his secret to success?” And the answer is his everlasting energy, stubborn game style, two handed backhands, great concentration as proven after winning most of the games even after losing the first sets and strong-minded nature bordering to stubbornness. He also says that one of the reasons is his diet. He talks about it in his book “Serve To Win” which was published in 2013 where he mentions drinking a glass of warm water right after waking up and eating only manuka, a fish species only found in New Zealand.

The beginning of 2018 looks promising for a grand come back. He returned to court for the first time since Wimbledon and outmatched Donald Young. His matches to come will prove if he is ready to return to the top.

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