Cricket – India vs England, ODI’s


After the 4th and 5th test matches at Mumbai and Chepauk, the England Tour of India progresses to the ODIs. For the uninitiated, ODI means “One Day International” and is a form of limited overs cricket, played between two teams with international status with each team facing a predefined number of overs, in this case 50.
The first ODI took place in 1971 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between Australia and England. Since then, some things may have changed for the game to keep up with the era, but the principle still remains the same: win!
This Sunday, January 15, it’s the first ODI of 2017 between India and England at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, in Pune. It will be followed by the 2nd ODI on January 19 at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack and the 3rd ODI on January 22 at the Eden Gardens of Kolkata.
Be ready to bet on this fine event, since it’s a major confrontation involving the highest standards of a limited overs competition. Study the previous events, make a good guess and back it up!
To help you in this, Matchbook already posted a few odds for the first ODI between these two cricket giants.


15 Janurary India vs England (1st ODI) BACK LAY
INDIA 1.534 1.603
ENGLAND 2.66 2.87


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Good Luck!