David Beckham’s MLS team in Miami came true

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David Robert Joseph Beckham is an iconic star in the football world. He played for Manchester United (one of the club’s most distinguished captains), Real Madrid, Los Angeles Galaxy, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germaine and won four championships in four different leagues. Bettors around the world took advantage of his presence in these teams and won a lot of money by supporting them via the best Asian bookmakers.

CNBC and its business news program “Power Lunch” had the privilege of being the hosts of his announcement about an extension franchise to the Beckham’s ownership group. The news was, of course, soccer related and it was about his co-ownership of an MLS team in Miami. In fact the British football star said that this new Major League Soccer team couldn’t have been anyplace else but Miami.

When he retired from action in 2013 after a stellar 20 year career, he did say that he would start his own club. This announcement showed him to be a man of his word and he will now become the second football player to own an MLS club after Didier Drogba and his Phoenix Rising, and the fifth player to own a team in the US (Paolo Maldini owns NASL team Miami FC while Demba Ba and Eden Hazard own NASL team San Diego).

Jorge Mas – a famous Miami businessman, was on “Power Lunch” with Beckham and agreed that such a team would be just perfect for the city. As per his words: ‘We deserve a football franchise’. They both went on to say they envision the team playing all over the world, however, they would first have to let the league grow locally.

A 25,000-seat, $225 million stadium will be constructed, under Beckham’s ownership organization Miami Beckham United, in Overtown, a district just northwest of downtown Miami.

The details about the start date, the team’s name, logo and colours have not been disclosed yet. It will be the second MLS team of South Florida. The first one, Fort Lauderdale’s Miami Fusion, lasted only a few short years and was dissolved in 2001. Beckham did share some details about the stadium, including features like plazas for the fans outside the stadium:

“We were thinking about fan demographic needs, sound level, vision lines, everything you can dream up” Mas said. And he continued: “The team’s location, along with Beckham’s power in the industry, will also help the team grow. We can do big things in Miami that we cannot do in any other city.”

For Beckham and the rest of the members of his group consisting of American Idol producer Simon Fuller, Sprint CEO Marcelo Clure and former Toronto Maple Leafs owner Tim Leiweke, did not have it easy up to now. They received numerous proposals from the citizens of South Florida as to the region of the stadium and it took three failed attempts before finally securing the aforementioned site in 2015.

At this time there are 23 MLS clubs with Miami been held as a temporary 24th pending the outcome of the stadium issue. Now that it is resolved to the organization’s satisfaction, Beckham’s team will get the official status it needs and the league will have completed one more step on its venture for expansion to a 28 team championship.

Knowing how quickly the Americans work and that usually such announcements come only after a significant portion of the design work has been completed, we are willing to bet that the new Miami MLS team will soon be ready for the first kick off. At that time you may choose to support them, as you did his previous teams, by opening an account via the most trusted agent and keep winning money out of his success.