Euroleague Basketball Final 4 2017

After a long road that begun last September and went through a very long top 16 of 30 games, the final 4 teams that will travel to Istanbul to compete on May 21st and May 23rd for the title of the European Champion in Basketball have become known. CSKA Moscow, Real Madrid and Fenerbahce have already qualified, while the 4th team will qualify out of the winner of the 5th and last game in the series between Olympiacos Piraeus and Anadolu Efes in Piraeus on Tuesday May 2nd. All odds point to the 4th team being Olympiacos.

BET-IBC has cultivated the habit of bringing you the best there is in each sport. It may still be a while for the actual games themselves but the odds of the top bookmakers we cooperate with, for the winner of the title are already out there!  And from the looks of it, this one is going to be very close so the excitement will be all the way to the roof! Here is a glimpse of how close the odds for Sbobet are:

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CSKA is the reigning champions but they are not the all-powerful team they were last year. In fact they did not even finish first as they did in the past. With a record of 22 wins and 8 losses they came up behind Real Madrid who finished first with 23 wins and 7 losses. Third was Olympiacos at 19 wins and 11 losses while Fenerbahce was 5th with 18 wins and 12 losses.

Other interesting stats that can make a difference on the field:

1) CSKA has the best offense having scored 2608 points with Real Madrid second at 2585. Fenerbahce is the worst offense at 2256.

2) Olympiacos has the best defense having conceded 2221 points. 2233, 2353 and 2355 are the defensive numbers for Fenerbahce, Real Madrid and CSKA respectively.

3) The match-ups are Real Madrid against Fenerbahce and CSKA in all likelihood against Olympiacos. So, this last pairing brings up a battle between the best offense against the best defense and it will be very interesting to see which one will prevail.

The numbers also say that CSKA defeated Olympiacos in both matches of the regular season and has more victories in the overall times the two sides met, however, it is Olympiacos who defeated CSKA in both latest encounters at a final 4 stage. However, this is not the most interesting statistic. This would interest those who believe in superstition and the paranormal! Vasilis Spanoulis has four children. Every time his wife Olympia was pregnant, Olympiacos made it to the final. Out of these 4 times they won three and lost one. And Olympia is now pregnant on their 5th child…

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The pairing of Fenerbahce and Real Madrid is more or less balanced. They each have one victory in the regular season and their previous matchups provide Real Madrid with a slight advantage. However, Fenerbahce is more of a team than Real who rely heavily in the day of Sergio Llul. If he is not in good form then the odds turn to the Turks’ favor. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a Sportsbook or an Exchange to place your bets. BET-IBC can help you open one anyplace you prefer. All you need is your gut feeling and your homework to tell you who will be the new European Champion. The rest rely on you clicking here to create the betting accounting you want.