European World Cup Qualifiers June 09 – 11

Sbobet and the best odds for the European World Cup Qualifiers

From June 9th to 11th the European national teams will play the most crucial 6th round of the qualifiers for the World Cup 2018 in Russia. It is the round that will separate the chaff from the wheat and show who’s going to make it. Some of these games will be dramatic. Some will be close. The one thing that BET-IBC can say for sure is that all of them will be thrilling and that you need to log in to Sbobet and check out the best odds that you are up to find for those three captivating days.

The schedule

Belarus Bulgaria A 20:45 CET
Sweden France A 20:45 CET
Netherlands Luxembourg A 20:45 CET
Andorra Hungary B 20:45 CET
Faroe Islands Switzerland B 20:45 CET
Latvia Portugal B 20:45 CET
Bosnia Herzegovina Greece H 20:45 CET
Estonia Belgium H 20:45 CET
Gibraltar Cyprus H 20:45 CET
Azerbaijan Northern Ireland C 18:00 CET
Kazakhstan Denmark E 18:00 CET
Scottland England F 18:00 CET
Slovenia Malta F 18:00 CET
Lithuania Slovakia F 20:45 CET
Norway Czech Republic C 20:45 CET
Germany San Marino C 20:45 CET
Montenegro Armenia E 20:45 CET
Poland Romania E 20:45 CET
Moldova Georgia D 18:00 CET
Republic of Ireland Austria D 18:00 CET
Finland Ukraine I 18:00 CET
Serbia Wales D 20:45 CET
FYROM Spain G 20:45 CET
Israel Albania G 20:45 CET
Italy Lichtenstein G 20:45 CET
Iceland Croatia I 20:45 CET
Kosovo Turkey I 20:45 CET

Matches that stand out. While all matches are important and at first glance some of them may not even deserve a second look, there are some that really deserve your full attention.

Scotland vs England. Whoever says that this is a mundane match, surely needs to reconsider. It doesn’t matter what they play for. This is a confrontation where nothing else matters than the rivalry.

Sweden vs France. The leading pair of Group A. The outcome of the game may very well decide which side will finish first in the Group and qualify directly for the final phase even though Bulgaria is very close behind. One thing is certain. A draw will do good to neither.

Bosnia Herzegovina vs Greece. Another confrontation where a draw would hurt both sides. They are both behind Belgium in Group H and Greece is one point ahead of Bosnia. A defeat for either side may actually mean disqualification from the finals.

Group D matches. Probably the most difficult group. Serbia and Ireland lead at 11 points each, Wales and Austria follow at 7. Serbia plays Wales and Ireland plays Austria. Victories for Austria and Wales will mean a four team struggle to the very end, while victories for Serbia and Ireland mean almost certain qualification!

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