Exclusive Offers for VIP-IBC Platform and StrongVPN

Today we’re excited to share a promotion from one of our favorite services the VIP-IBC platform with our customers.

Until a few weeks ago you would have had to pay 1,000 euros if you wanted to open a VIP account. Now you need to pay only 100 euros during our exclusive promotion.

This is one unique platform that allows you to place bets simultaneously, on multiple bookmakers, in the same millisecond, by just one click.
We want to give every player the chance to bet with the best odds available on the market. For all bookies, you only need a single account – VIP account.

If you want to acquire a VIP account, all you have to do is complete the VIP-IBC sign-up form online.

This is a unique platform that at the moment is used by most of the professional gamblers worldwide. We are sure you will like it.

Along with announcing this special VIP promotion, BET-IBC is also proud to offer an exclusive deal with the world´s No 1 VPN Provider – StrongVPN.

They provide a wide range of well-secured IP’s, keeping your online activity, identity and locations private and most of all safe. StrongVPN has built a great reputation over the years and it is the only VPN provider, for whom BET-IBC can assure its clients about the level of services they will receive.

Sign-up now to StrongVPN using one of the links on our website, click on “have a coupon?” , insert the bonus code “SAVE15” and enjoy your 15% discount for a monthly/yearly package + 1 free of charge processed transaction up to 200 euros.

For more details, feel free to contact our Support Team via email at support@bet-ibc.com, Skype (ID: help.bet-ibc) and Live Chat.