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Welcome to the BET-IBC Frequently Asked Questions section. Here you will find answers to the most common issues. Please refer to the list below and click the question you’re interested in – you will be taken to the appropriate answer automatically:

Q1: Why should I bet at IBCBET instead of at another bookmaker?

A: IBCBET offers higher betting limits and better odds than anywhere else.

Q2: Why should I sign up at IBCBET over this website?

A: IBCBET doesn’t accept just anyone – registration is by invitation only. We are an approved partner of IBCBET and are therefore qualified to create an account for you.

Q3: Can I still bet with BET-IBC if I only make small wagers?

A: Yes, our services are available to all bettors, regardless of how small your bets are.

Q4: What does BET-IBC earn from my wagers?

A: We earn a commission based on the turnover our bettors generate.

Q5: Do you have a minimum deposit amount?

A: The minimum deposit amount is 100 dollars or the equivalent value in Euros or British pounds.

Q6: Can my account be closed if I win consistently?

A: No, you may continue wagering no matter how much you win or lose.

Q7: Do you charge any fees for brokers?

A: No, our brokering service is entirely free of charge.

Q8: What’s the difference between “Given Credit”, “Cash Balance”, “Bet Credit” and “Outstanding”?

A: Your deposit is displayed as “Given Credit”, any wins and losses are “Cash Balance” and the “Bet Credit” is the sum of “Given Credit” and “Cash Balance”. “Outstanding” are your pending bets.

Q9: Why do my “Given Credit” and “Cash Balance” change sometimes?

A: What we do from time to time, is reset the wins and losses (“Cash Balance”) and add or reduce it from “Given Credit”. Most of our clients wanted this and that´s why we are doing it now.

Q10: How can I change my IBCBET password?

A: In the upper-right corner, just next to the Logout button there is a “Change Password” option. In order to change it, you need to confirm your old password and type in the new one twice.

Q11: I lost the password to my IBCBET account, what do I do?

A: Just drop us an e-mail at support@bet-ibc.com including your username and we’ll reset it for you!

Q12: Can I access IBCBET from my mobile phone?

A: Yes, IBCBET supports mobile betting – in order to access the mobile version of the bookmaker, use wap.ibcbet.com (for older handsets) or smart.ibcbet.com (for smartphones). Both versions are fully functional and give you the possibility to place bets on all available markets (including live).

Q13: Can I move funds between IBCBET, SBOBET and Pinnacle Sports accounts opened via BET-IBC?

A: Yes, you can request to move funds from one account to another at no cost, providing that all your accounts have been opened in the same currency. If you wish to move funds between accounts in different currencies, it’s possible as well, although currency exchange rates will apply that have to be covered by the customer.

In order to request a transfer between the accounts, you need to send us an e-mail (from the e-mail account you registered your accounts with), specify the 2 usernames between which you would like to move the funds and the amount. Please note that transferring funds between accounts opened at the said bookmakers is only possible for amounts over 500 Euros. Please be advised that only one inter-bookmaker transfer per week is free – any other transfer requests made in the same week will be subject to a 1% fee.

Q14: Can i change payment methods (for example deposit with Neteller, and cash out to Moneybookers)?

A: Yes, you can, but there are two conditions – first of all, the newly selected payment method must have the same e-mail address. Secondly, to verify the new payment method that you haven’t used yet, you need to make a deposit with it at least once to verify the account.

Q15: Which username to state when I deposit or withdraw?

A: You should always include the username you received from us at the end of registration process, never the nickname that you may have set up at IBCBET or SBOBET. So, the format of the username should be: sat******** for IBCBET, pseur***** for SBOBET and 6eu07***** for Pinnacle Sports.

Q16: How can I change my username at IBCBET or SBOBET?

A: Your username cannot be changed, but you can set up an additional nickname. At IBCBET, first you need to click the Config Now button in the upper-left corner. A text box will appear, where you can enter your new desired nickname (please note that once it is set, you cannot change it). When you are done, just click Submit and you’re done! See picture below for a graphic explanation:

At SBOBET, the first time you log in to your account, a small window will appear, saying that you can create your login name:

You may also do so later, by clicking Account on top of the window and choosing Create Login Name (third from the top). Once you enter your desired username in the textbox, click the Check Availability button. If a green tick-mark appears, you can click Confirm and your newly selected login name will be saved. As with IBCBET, it cannot be changed once it is set up. Please refer to screenshot below for a graphic explanation:

Q17: How to place a combo bet?

A: In order to place a combination bet, upon logging in go to the Mix Parlay section in the left-side menu. On top of the screen, a list of sports available for combination betting is displayed – you are free to place combo bets on multiple sports disciplines. Clicking the odd of interest adds the selection to the coupon.

Q18: How many selections can I make in one combo betting slip?

A: There is no maximum set as to the number of selections you can choose for your Mix Parlay combination. However, there is a maximum number of winnings: In soccer and basketball, the maximum winnings cannot exceed the equivalent of 200 000 MYR (about 50 000 EUR), for tennis it’s 100 000 MYR (roughly 25 000 EUR), while for other sports it’s 50 000 MYR (about 12 500 EUR).

Q19: Can I place a combo bet live in play?

A: Yes, placing an in-play combination bet is allowed, the mechanics are exactly the same as in case of pre-match combination bets.

Q20: I can’t login to my IBCBET account, what do I do?

A: Please try the following steps to restore the proper functioning of your account:

1. Make sure that you aren’t connected to the Internet through a Proxy server (test page: http://www.whatismyip.com/)

2. Delete cookies and clear your browser cache.

3. Try logging in to your account with different browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.)

4. If www.ibcbet.com still doesn’t work after trying all the steps above, please use one of the substitute websites (more information: http://bet-ibc.com/hard-facts-about-ibcbet/).

5. The final solution if everything else fails is to simply open a new account and inform our management about your new account ID.

Q21: What’s the minimum amount I can withdraw?

A: The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 Euros or the equivalent in a different currency for Skrill and Neteller. For bank transfer withdrawals the minimum amount is 1000 Euro or the equivalent in a different currency. In case of MoneyGram and Western Union the minimum depends on the currency – it’s either 300 EUR/USD, 400 SGD or 1000 MYR.