Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

Best odds for Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix with Sbobet

The most prestigious grand prix of the Formula 1 calendar is just two days away! So, it’s about time that you opened a Sbobet account and placed your bets on the winner at the best odds available on the market.

This year it would appear that we finally have a strong competition in our hands! Ferrari got their act together and presented competitive cars that can match those of Mercedes. Red Bull is not too far behind and so far these three teams have monopolized the forward positions of the grid in contrast with the previous years where one team was too far ahead from the others.

Grand Prix Event Monaco

Furthermore, Sebastian Vettel and Louis Hamilton seem to be the pilots to fight it out for the title all the way to the end and that is far more interesting than which Mercedes driver would be the Champion. Of course, pilots like Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen can never be underestimated. It would also be nice if Maclaren could also get their act together and present a competitive car as well. With a pilot of the likes of Fernando Alonso we would have one more contender out there!

This Sunday May 28, it is time for the most prestigious, older and hardest race of the calendar. The Grand Prix of Monaco. Every year it gathers the elite of the elites from the show biz, the business world, royalty and a veritable who is who within the spectators. The lucky ones get to moor their yachts in the Marina and watch the race sitting comfortably in the company of only a few. It is the number one event of the year and no one wants to miss it.

Vettel and Hamilton are heading the race with 104 and 98 points respectively with Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen at 63 and 49. Mercedes leads Ferrari with 161 points to 153. These numbers alone speak about the pressure to win the next race for both drivers and manufacturers. Monaco is well known for the difficulty in overtaking and in taking out any kind of mechanical or design advantage to the cars due to its tight curves and short straights that do not allow for high speeds. Which means that the best team strategy and the pilot that can take advantage of even the slightest window of opportunity will win.

So, who do think it will be? Hamilton? Vettel? Another driver? Perhaps someone as experienced on this track as Felipe Massa? The grizzled veteran fox of Fernando Alonso? It’s not that easy this year, is it? Let us give you a hand by providing the odds posted by Sbobet on the event:

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Grand Prix Event Monaco Sbobet odds