Formula 1 – New cars, new rules

Formula 1 is the epitome of motor racing. While there is still some time remaining before the first race of the season on March 25 in Melbourne, it’s time to discuss the changes to the technical specifications of the cars so that you can be fully informed before opening a betting account via the best agent. You need to know which manufacturers may have problems with the new rules and which don’t before you place your bets.

Last year the cars were made wider and faster through the radical changes enforced by FIA. However, as always happens in such cases, some loopholes were left open and the teams took advantage of those gaps to bend the spirit of the rules without breaking them. The rules for the 2018 season will not be as radical, but they will bring in changes in both the stability and the driveability of the cars. Let’s have a look:

New Formula 1 rules

That ugly shark fin and the T-Wings are gone!

The rules prohibited any kind of aerodynamic development to the sides of the cockpit but made no provisions about the area directly behind the driver just above the engine cover. So teams took advantage of this omission to create the shark fin engine covers we saw last year and then the T-wings. These were supposed to better direct the air flow to the main rear wing and create more downforce which is the A and Ω of the formula 1 aerodynamics. Sauber was the first to present a vehicle to comply with these restrictions in Austin.

New Halo for F1 cars

Yes! There will be a halo!

More of an additional safety feature for the driver than anything else, there will be a halo to protect the driver’s head against an accident and especially debris from other cars. This feature was prompted by Felipe Massa’s accident two years ago when he was hit by debris from another car and got seriously injured. Mercedes was asked in 2015 to develop an initial plan which now will be put to effect. However, the halo will also change the aerodynamics of the vehicle and as there is some leeway on the design we may see some very interesting cars in appearance and in all likelihood some more bending of the rules.

No more trick suspensions!

Ferrari and Red Bull took advantage of another loophole and added a small link in the front suspension connected to the upright. This link allowed the car to change heights depending on the angle of the steering and therefore changing the aero performance. Let’s see how they do without it!

These three changes promise a fairer and therefore more competitive racing for 2018. What more reason do you need to start thinking on which driver and manufacturer you will be placing your bets? However, you will need a betting account for that and the best agent for Asian bookies is always here to help you choose and win!