Herta BSC VS Eintracht Frankfurt


The Bundesliga is one of the European Leagues where football has progressed greatly, and is broadcasted on television in over 200 countries. Teams like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04, Bayern Leverkusen and Hamburg attributed to the popularity of the German football by their successes in the various European competitions. However, the National Team of Germany is the one that should be attributed the most credit for the popularity, especially after the storming of Brazil in their home turf with the historic 7-1 victory! A National Team that has had the most appearances of any other team in the finals of the World Football Cup and is written in the history books in gold letters.

Since the inception of the League in Dortmund in 1962 and the first run in 1963, 54 clubs have competed in the effort to gain the title of the German Champion. As expected, the heavy main battle tank of the German football listening to the name of FC Bayern Munich has had the lion’s portion with 25 titles. Dortmund, Bremen, Hamburg, Monchengladbach, Stuttgart and the pleasant surprise of Wolfsburg have taken some of the other titles home.

This season sees Bayern Munich as the major contender to maintain the title they won last season. If it wasn’t for the surprising performance of RB Leipzig, in all likelihood there would be no competition for the Bavarians as Dortmund is 13 points behind. And here lies the real challenge. 7 teams compete for the top positions in a 7-point stretch. What is surprising is that historical clubs like Hamburg and Bremen are absent from the list. In fact, both clubs are fighting to avoid relegation! Other clubs like Schalke, Monchengladbach and Leverkusen find themselves in the middle of the table too far behind to really have a chance for anything this season!

However, Herta BSC and Eintracht Frankfurt are in the 7 club list that follows Bayern and Leipzig and definitely want to solidify their positions at the top of the table and make sure that they get to participate in the next season European competitions. And here comes the time they get to face each other at a very interesting confrontation between the 6th and the 5th teams of the ranking with 34 and 35 points respectively.

Both teams have been struggling for consistency this season. In the last 5 games Herta had only 1 victory at home against Hingolstad 04 under the flimsy 1-0. However, they still managed to get a 1-1 draw against the almighty Bayern Munich. At the same time, Eintracht managed to get 3 wins and is aiming for yet another one at Herta’s home turf in the effort to get over Hoffenheim and reach the 4th place at the table.

Herta’s coach Pál Dárdai hopes to capitalize on the home advantage of the Olympiastadion Berlin with the help of their warm fans and their top scorer Vedad Ibisevic, to set the team on the right path to this season’s goals.

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Is Eintracht going to win and reach 4th, or will it be Herta that will make it to the 5th place?