VPN – No More Gambling Restrictions


A VPN is a Virtual Private Network created exclusively between two internet users. Normally your computer is connected directly to the internet, and all the data you send to different sites is easily tracked back via your IP address. A VPN connects you to a random server somewhere in the world and enables an anonymous World Wide Web access without being left frustrated by the continuous gambling restrictions in certain countries.

IVACY is a highly recommended VPN

If you want to surf anonymously and protect your identity we recommend the premium VPN service IVACY. This company offers award winning VPN accounts with plenty of features tailored to fit any gambler’s needs. You benefit from high speed servers, unlimited bandwidth and encrypted internet traffic. The user friendly and reliable provider IVACY is on the market since 1995. IVACY offers you the complete VPN package and five-star customer service. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose IVACY:

  • American and European IPS anywhere
  • High speed connection
  • No bandwidth charges
  • Security for hotspot surfers and overseas websites unblocking

For just a small recurring fee, you can eliminate the issues of gambling restrictions. But the best thing about a VPN is that it opens plenty of opportunities beyond gambling.

How to make your VPN even more secure?

In order to install a VPN server, please follow these steps:

  • First of all download and save the configuration files from the IVACY website. Golden rule: when you’re looking for a VPN provider, avoid the free offers. Instead, select a low cost and reliable service.
  • Before moving ahead make sure you’ve properly installed the software. Configure Your VPN Server.
  • After you have installed it successfully, you are advised to set up an account and make sure to use a strong password.
  • Every time when you are going to change your IP make sure to delete your cache, history, and other browser data.
  • Finally, you can choose a new IP location in your VPN software and turn on the program.
  • Better to check your IP, before accessing any of Bookmakers’ websites, you can easily verify on www.whatismyip.com
We can advice you some VPN locations for our available bookmakers:

For all Bookmakers you can use the following IP locations: Malta, Poland, Sweden and Czech Republic.

Bookmakers on BET-IBC VPN locations
Maxbet Spain, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Canada
SBOBET Brazil, Italy, Spain, Ireland
Pinnacle Sports Italy, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Finland
Betfair UK, Ireland, Malta, Poland
Matchbook UK, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Romania
BetISN Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Italy

Another way of changing your IP address is using a Proxy. It is securing the traffic via browser using the proxy server settings. Compared to a proxy, a VPN service provider is securing all your Internet traffic, replacing your ISP and routing all the traffic through the VPN servicer, including all running programs and applications. If you are not willing to have all the traffic redirected via VPN, we can recommend you to use a proxy. Players interested in a secure proxy service can take advantage of BET-IBC's Premium Proxy Service. For more details contact our Support Team: support@bet-ibc.com.