The highest betting limits for Davis Cup competition

Davis Cup goes all the way back to the 1900s and it was originally a competition between Great Britain and the U.S.A. Now it is the world’s largest annual international team competition in tennis. The idea originates to four tennis players from Harvard University dreaming of playing against Great Britain. The first extension of 1905 included France, Belgium, Australia and New Zeeland. From then on, more countries were brought into the vault and by 1920 around 20 nations competed bringing in more and more players every year.

The current format held by the organizers has the 16 top nations competing every year for the Cup while the remaining 109 nations are divided into Zone groups in three categories competing for promotion to the higher category or to avoid relegation to a lower one.

Participating teams
Argentina Australia Belgium Canada
Croatia Czech Republic France Germany
Great Britain Italy Japan Russia
Serbia Spain Switzerland United States

The fight between nations begun on 3rd February 2017 so we are getting close to the final stage which is coming up on 24-26 November. France will meet Belgium at the final after both countries tasted victory in their semi-final clashes. Find the best Asian sportsbook here that suites your purposes best, and be a part of such a big worldwide event.

France participated in the Davis Cup for the first time in 1904 and have won the title nine times ranking as the fourth most successful nation. They also have a meaningful place in this competition from the very beginning being the first country to break the cycle of victories from the USA and Great Britain who used to take the trophy home all the time before. Their latest triumph was back in 2001.

Belgium is also competing from the very beginning. Until now they managed to reach the final twice but without success. Great Britain was always on top. Let’s see if this is the year where they get lucky, despite being in competition with a strong team.

The French Federation of Tennis announced that this year they will host Belgium at the Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille.

It is a great honour for both countries to be in a final under the leadership of the International Tennis Federation (the world governing body of tennis) which, at this time, is the largest federation in world sports.

So, who do you think will win this time? France (…again), or Belgium? Do your homework, make a decision and do not hesitate to get a VIP account with high limits to place your bets.

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