Exciting Casino Entertainment

MAXBET is not just an excellent sports betting platform. It also offers you a unique online casino experience, where you can enjoy popular casino games, including all of your favorite table games and slot machines. Here you can play all-time classics, such as blackjack, Texas Hold’em, keno or roulette (including their variants), as well as an assortment slots with incredible graphics and sound effects.

At MAXBET Casino things are kept as convenient as possible for the user. Once you enter the casino, you are taken to the main lobby, where you can select from nearly 40 games straight away. Navigation is very simple, as the lobby primarily consists of icons representing available casino games. At the bottom of the lobby you will find a menu, which consists of options allowing you to transfer funds from your betting account, a live chat (should you ever need to contact the helpful customer support staff) and player options.

You can also access all the rules of offered casino games, as well as your game history. In order to enjoy this online casino, a player has to transfer the desired credit amount. This can be done in merely a couple of seconds by just selecting the amount and confirming with a click of a mouse button. When you’re done, just pick whichever game catches your eye and you’re ready to play!

Casino Hold’em 1 1000
BlackJack 5 1000
Blackjack (Perfect Pair) 5 1000
Baccarat 5 1000
Baccarat Super 6 5 1000
Dragon Tiger 5 1000
Sic Bo 1 1000
Fish Prawn Crab 1 1000
Pai Gow 1 1000
Roulette Pro 1 1000
Jacks or Better 1 125
Jungle Wild 0.01 125
God of Prosperity 0.01 125
Engagement 0.01 125
Money Slot 0.1 50
Money Wheel 1 1000
Fox Force 5 0.01 125
Journey to the West 0.01 125
Three Knights 5 1000
Fan Tan 5 1000
Winter Slot 0.01 125
Keno Chinese 1 50
Fruit Scratch 1 100
Fancy Scratch 1 100
Knock2 Eggs 1 100
Poker Tri 5 1000
Face Up 21 5 300
Texas Hold’em 5 300
Battle War 5 300
Love Story 1 100
Mahjong HiLo 1 50
Monkey HiLo 1 50
Roulette Pro (Fast) 1 1000
Keno Camera 1 50
(Mini) Baccarat 5 100
(Mini) Blackjack 5 100
(Mini) Casino Hold’em 2.5 100
(Mini) Jacks or Better 0.05 100
(Mini) Sic Bo 1 100

MAXBET Casino Software

The casino software was provided by a renowned online gaming software developer – Playtech. The company has over 12 years of experience in the field, and you can expect nothing but the highest quality in this case. There is no need to download any additional software – the lobby, as well as all the games on offer are available straight from your browser window. The casino software is also Mac-friendly.


Selected slot machines, such as Journey to the West feature jackpots, where jackpot seeds start with 1000x the amount of coin size selected. MAXBET strives to satisfy all their customers’ demands and introduces brand new casino games periodically – if you don’t want to miss anything, just make sure you log in to the casino often!

Betting Limits & Player Options

The game limits vary, you can play slot machines with bets starting from $0,01 up to $125 per single bet. Betting limits for table games such as blackjack or baccarat start with just $5 and go up to $1000. With the variety of limits, with the highest limits reaching $1000 for selected games, MAXBET can without doubt be considered a paradise for high rollers. However, attractive minimum bet amounts make this a casino for all players, regardless of the size of their bankroll.

Player options allow the customer to freely adjust sound effects and music volume or disable them entirely. What’s more important, you can increase/decrease the game speed with a slider provided in each provided game. Rules of every provided game can be easily accessed from the main menu. Other customization options include selection of background music. Furthermore, you can view your entire game history with just a click of the mouse button.

Being a holder of the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation gambling license, your safety and fairness at the MAXBET (former IBCBET) Casino are guaranteed. If you need help with literally anything, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer support team which is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember – at MAXBET the player is the top priority.

All in all the MAXBET Casino is an excellent way to pass time waiting for your betting results. While the main focus remains on the sportsbook section, the casino is without doubt of a high class. It might not stun you with hundreds of games, but instead it focuses on quality. There are about 40 exciting games on offer and each one of them provides a player with fun and entertainment in a very pleasant layout.

Above you will find a table with a full list of available games and their respective limits. Minigames can be played in the main window, without the need to open the standalone casino – this makes them a perfect solution for those who want to pass time in a fun and possibly lucrative way, waiting for the betting results.

MAXBET Number Game

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A popular feature is the Number Game, which is basically Bingo. Here you have the possibility to bet on numbers 1-75, which are later drawn from a bingo machine. You can watch the lottery drawing live on IBC TV. The game offers great payouts and is really simple to play, you can place wagers before the game starts, as well as when it’s running. The minimum bet amount is $2, and you can wager as much as $320.

Pre-game bets include:

  • Over/Under – first/last ball between 1-37 is considered an Under ball, first/last ball between 38-78 is considered an Over ball,
  • Odd/Even – bets on odd and even numbers,
  • Odd/Even (FT) – bets on the sum of 3 balls being odd or even numbers,
  • Warrior – comparing the second or the third ball drawn, the ball with the highest number wins.

Running game bets:

  • Next Odd/Even – bets on whether the next ball will be an odd or an even number,
  • Next Over/Under – bets on whether the next ball will be 1-37 (Under) or 38-75 (Over),
  • Next Hi/Lo – bets on whether the next ball will be a higher or a lower number than the last,
  • Next Combo – bets on whether the next ball drawn will be Over/Odd, Under/Odd, Over/Even and Under/Even.

MAXBET Live Casino

MAXBET’s latest addition to their already impressive offer is an extraordinary live casino. As for the moment, the only available game is baccarat, but trust us, it’s nothing like you’ve seen before. With beautiful, dancing (!) dealers, MAXBET’s live casino is an outstanding, innovative platform for all the gambling enthusiasts, who want to spice up their live casino experience.

Just about everyone can give it a shot, with a broad spectrum of wagers – from 0.25 up to 250 units in your respective currency. Words can’t describe the atmosphere at the live baccarat tables – this is something you will just have to experience yourself. If you’re tired of dull, unoriginal live casinos that can be found everywhere, MAXBET is definitely the place for you. Here you can gamble in a fun atmosphere and enjoy the gorgeous dealers spreading good vibes all over the place!

In the following weeks, MAXBET will extend their live casino with popular table games such as live blackjack and live roulette. Make sure you visit the live casino section often so you don’t miss out!