March 24-26 World Cup Qualifiers

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After the long winter interval the national teams have begun their preparations for the resumption of the World Cup Qualifier round of March 24 to 26. In Europe alone, 26 matches will be played and the outcomes may very well sort out the wheat from the chaff. While it is a fact that some national teams have no or very little chance of advancing, they are strong enough to cause damage to the chances of those teams that stand on the edge. One unexpected result may overturn the status quo and this year we have experienced a lot of surprises in almost every international competition.

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On March 24 the matches for Groups D, G and I have been scheduled for. The duel between the Republic of Ireland and Wales at the Aviva Stadium opens the ball at 19:45 with the rest of the matches kicking off at 20:45. Groups A, B and H battle it out on March 25 and groups C, E and F will end the weekend on March 26. Most of them will start at 20:45 except those played in countries where the temperatures are still very low.

However, these are just the matches scheduled for Europe. There are 6 confederations, 209 teams all over the world giving it all they have for a ticket to the finals. You can check out the complete schedule here.

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Remember: There will be another set of games for the World Cup qualifiers on Jun 09 – 11. Why miss out on your chance for thrill, excitement and some cash?