4 Amazing Promotions for August 2015

Dear Friends,
We are proud to announce August 2015 to be the month of BET-IBC promos. We have prepared not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR exciting promotions for the month (out of which two will be divided into two rounds – this translates into double prizes and double emotions)! Click on the promo title to find out more about it:


Please read the information below on how to participate in each one of them and choose the most suitable one for yourself – you may of course participate in all four if you deem fit!

Check out the Parlay Kombo Top!

August Facebook Tipster Promo Round I (August 1st – August 15th) & Round II (August 16th – August 31st)

The August Facebook Tipster Promo Round I starts on August 1st and lasts until August 15th, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to boost up your winnings or recover some of your losses! Win up to 250 Euro for a winning prediction! Here’s what you have to do in order to participate:

1. Place a bet on your Pinnacle Sports account that you’ve opened via BET-IBC (sign-up here if you don’t have one yet!). Only pre-game bets will be taken into consideration!

2. Take a screenshot displaying your bet (stake, odd, account number should be visible) – you can use simple software such as puush.me to capture your screen and upload the screenshot right away.

3. Write a short explanation (minimum 50 words) on why you decided to place the bet and post it to our Facebook wall along with the screenshot.

4. On August 16th we will review all eligible bets and determine the members with highest and lowest accuracy (ROI measured in % – we will calculate based on all tips posted per user: total stakes / total winnings & losses amount. For example, user posts 10 tips at 100 Euro stake each making a total turnover of 1000 Euro and wins 500 Euro from all posted tips – ROI is then 50% – profit or loss divided by total stakes, multiplied by 100%). We will announce the winners and credit the winnings within 2 days of the promotion’s ending date! The prize structure is explained below:


  • 1st place – 250 Euro
  • 2nd place – 150 Euro
  • 3rd place – 100 Euro
  • Three members with the worst accuracy will receive 10% cashback of their losses (only for eligible bets posted to our Facebook wall)!


5. Stay tuned for Round II that will take place from August 16th until August 31st with the same conditions and prize pool!

August Parlay King Promo Round I (August 1st – August 15th) & Round II (August 16th – August 31st)

Place a combo bet and get a cherry on top in the form of a cash bonus for 3 winning combos with the highest odds!

Prize structure:

  • 1st place – 500 Euro
  • 2nd place – 300 Euro
  • 3rd place – 200 Euro


The rules are simple:

1. Send us an e-mail to support@bet-ibc.com including your account usernames that you want to participate with (Pinnacle Sports, Maxbet or Sbobet) with the title “August Parlay King Promo Round I” – you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us and you’re good to go!

2. Place any number of combo bets. Top 3 winning bets with the highest total odd will be awarded prizes.

3. Check our Facebook for regular udpates on the Parlay King rankings and wait until August 16th when we publish the final list of winning combo bets – we will credit the winning accounts within 2 days!

4. Prizes will be credited to the accounts where the winning combo bets were placed. If the currency of the account is different than Euro, we will convert the prize amount at Oanda‘s rate without fees and add the prize money in the winning account’s currency.

August 2015: The Free Deposit Month – Top up your accounts and get ready for the new soccer season!

The rules of this promo are very simple – throughout the whole month (August 1st – August 31st) there will be absolutely no deposit fees charged! Check our deposit options here!
* (max. 5000€/per day/client)

Bring a Friend Promo August 2015

Introduce a friend to BET-IBC in August and we’ll top up your account with 50 Euro per referral!

The following rules apply:

1. Once your friend opens an account with us, e-mail us his/her username along with your username that you want the prize money credited to.

2. There must be at least 1000 Euro (or equivalent in a different currency) turnover generated in the referred player’s account for the referrer to receive the prize. Only bets placed at odd 1.50 or higher will be counted towards the turnover requirement. (Turnover requirement may be reached past August and we will still award the prize).

3. The following bookmakers that BET-IBC works with are eligible – Maxbet, Sbobet and Pinnacle Sports.

4. All prizes will be credited once we verify that the turnover requirements have been met.

5. There is no limit as for the number of friends referred per customer.

6. Only one account per customer per bookmaker is allowed. We will not honor multiple referrals of the same person.

7. Deposits to the referred players’ accounts must be made with payment methods that were not previously associated with the referrer’s or other players’ accounts. (i.e. you cannot fund your friend’s bookmaker account with your Skrill account)

8. Deposits to the referred players’ accounts must be made between August 1st and August 31st.

General Promotion Terms & Conditions

1. There are no turnover requirements, prizes can be cashed out at any time without any fees. All you have to do is fill in our standard withdrawal form. (please note this applies to the prize money only – for any additional amounts withdrawn we will charge standard fees)

2. The promotion is intended for direct BET-IBC customers. Any player who opened an account via BET-IBC and deposited at least once may participate in any of the promotions. Customers of any agents working with BET-IBC are not eligible for the promotions.

3. Betfair accounts are only eligible for the August 2015: The Free Deposit Month Promo. Prize money from any promotion cannot be credited to a Betfair account.

4. Unless specified otherwise in the promotion’s description, general BET-IBC terms & conditions apply.