New on Matchbook


Matchbook is a sports betting exchange community, driven by cutting edge technology and a focus on offering value back to our customers. Their goal is to provide a best-in-class platform so our users can have the ultimate online gaming experience.

They come with something new, as usual, and, responding to the wishes of our clients, we are pleased to announce to all that as part of our integration updates all sports will eventually move into one wallet. As of yesterday, Cricket is now into a new wallet alongside Tennis and Horse Racing.

As more and more clients chose Matchbook for increasing their profits, we need to remind you that the list of Sports you can bet on is always growing, together with Liquidity, so you may be surprised yet again by the high odds and limits found all in one place.

What is so special about it? You can sign up today with a minimum deposit of 100 Euros, check Matchbook’s charges for Lay and Back here. Sign up today and rip the benefits that will come to you out of using our Matchbook accounts. If you don’t have a Matchbook account yet, feel free to open one HERE.