No more eSports on Pinnacle API feed

Pinnacle is one of the largest, fully licensed online Sportsbook worldwide for more details take a look at the full Pinnacle ReviewRecently the staff members have updated the customers that as of Tuesday July 11th 2017, eSports will no longer be available on the API feed.

Pinnacle betting portofolio includes a wide range of betting selections from soccer, hockey, mixed martial arts, baseball, American football, basketball, tennis, golf, cricket, badminton, boxing, darts, handball, pool, volleyball or water polo. Besides, there are also eSports markets. Electronic sport, involves gamers playing on a specific platform against each other in order to win a grand prize or honors of being the best in a certain game. It was in the 70s when the first history of any type of Esports made its appearance, when some students in Stanford organized a competitive game with a year’s subscription to rolling stones magazine as winnings. Esport gained popularity mainly because people started to have access to internet. In the 2000s the competitions were already televised, there were bigger prize winnings, the games improved and the Esport players became professional in their playing. Esport helps connect gamers all around the world who fight for honors of being the best gamer and so it became an important part of the gaming culture.

Pinnacle has offered by now odds on Dota 2, Starcraft 2, League of Leggends, Heroes of Newerth, Counter-Strike, Worlds of Tanks etc. Pinnacle usually offers the most attractive odds compared to the other bookmakers. They also have a wide range of markets: 1×2; hdp ; O/U ; parlay; moneyline per match/first period.

Besides Pinnacle, BET-IBC works with other bookmakers that provide a wide range of markets and attractive odds for Esports events, such as Maxbet (up until now they’ve had odds on: Counter-Strike: Global Offence, Dota 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends. And the available markets are: FT. hdp, FT. O/U, FT. O/E (full time odd/even), moneyline, mixparlay) and Sbobet ( available types of bets: Money line home/away, hdp home/away)

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