Olympiacos – Panathinaikos Act 5!

Olympiacos and Panathinaikos are among the top 10 basketball teams in Europe. Panathinaikos has conquered the title of the Champion of Europe 6 times and Olympiacos another 3. Any game between the two is just as popular as the El Classico of Spain, the matches between Manchester United and Liverpool in England and the final of the NBA.

While they have such high standings all over the world, these two must always settle their accounts for the Greek competitions. And now it’s time to fight it out for the spot on the final for the Greek Cup against Aris. At 19:30 tonight it will be decided which of the two will, in all likelihood, win the Cup this year as they are both by far the strongest teams in Greece.

Olympiacos has won all 6 of the latest matches between the two and 8 out of the latest 9. But for Panathinaikos this is not just a “do or die” situation. This is the match that will determine how their entire year goes. If they lose, the consequences will be far greater than just a loss in a game.

No wonder why everyone considers this a tight confrontation. Sbobet has released the odds for the match here:


and everyone can realize that there is no clear candidate for the victory. Spanoulis has come out of the injured list and will play but there is nothing more dangerous than a side that comes on a game with their backs on the wall.


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