Six Nations Rugby Schedules

The Six Nations Championship is an annual rugby competition between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. The reigning champions are England. The tournament changed its name throughout its history whenever a new contestant was added. From Home Nations Championship when only the British teams were included, to Five Nations Championship when France was brought in, to its current name which includes Italy.
England is the big name of the tournament having won the title a total of 27 times regardless of what the name of the tournament was. Italy and Scotland have yet to win the title with six teams playing, however Scotland has won a title when the teams were five.Below you can find the schedule for the upcoming matches:

Round 2

    •11/02/2017, Italy vs Ireland
    •11/02/2017, Wales vs England
    •12/02/2017, France vs Scotland

Round 3

    •25/02/2017, Scotland vs Wales
    •25/02/2017, Ireland vs France
    •26/02/2017, England vs Italy
Round 4

    •10/03/2017, Wales vs Ireland
    •11/03/2017, Italy vs France
    •11/03/2017, England vs Scotland

Round 5

    •18/03/2017, Scotland vs Italy
    •18/03/2017, France vs Wales
    •18/03/2017, Ireland vs England

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