Hard Facts about Skype Betting

Easy solution - the best results

Skype Betting offers you the opportunity to place the highest stakes ever! We can help you maximize the odds when the limits at your bookmaker are low. It is the best place for high rollers or high volume bettors.

Hard Facts:

  1. Betting at the highest stakes even in smaller leagues
  2. Receiving the best odds for all your bets
  3. Placing your bets directly in Asia
  4. Getting paid directly on your VIP-IBC account once the match is finished
  5. The Best Singbe / Maxbet Odds & Offers
  6. Sports: Soccer, NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, e-soccer
  8. NO currency exchange fees from Euro
  9. Pre Match & Live Betting is possible
1% once a turnover of    500,000 EUR is reached within a calendar month
2% once a turnover of 1,000,000 EUR is reached within a calendar month

Everything mentioned above is possible. All you have to do is:

  1. have a Skype or Telegram account
  2. send your picks via Skype
  3. wait for your large winnings

This solution is built solely for those players that understand what sports betting means. Sports bettors that can plan their bets at least a few hours before and make a clear plan, along with us, on how to get the highest stakes at the best odds.

If you are not this type of bettor, however, you do prefer to smash the odds down the cellar, skype betting is simply not for you.

Only high rollers and those who are ready to earn their pretty penny are accepted!

Minimum balance on VIP-IBC account 2,000 EUR
Minimum deposit* First deposit: 2,000 EUR
Afterwards:      500 EUR
Minimum withdrawal* 500 EUR
Minimum stake for bets 200 EUR
* = Transfers of amounts lower than the minimum prerequisites may be processed at higher fees.
Charges 3% of the stake (can be reduced for winning Players)


(Skype/Telegram Betting)

Q1: What sports can I bet on?

A: Soccer, NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL

Q2: How do I know what matches I can bet on?

A: You can bet on whatever is included in Singbet offers.

Q3: Where can I see Singbet odds and offers?

A: Either on www.vip-ibc.com or we can give you by your request a Singbet account where you can check its offers.

Q4: When do I have to announce that I want to bet?

A: There are 2 options:
a) the big stakes offer – here you have to tell us up to 24 hours ahead that you want to bet the next day, so we can make sure we have enough funds available to our people, ready to bet.

You only tell us:

  • the time you want to bet
  • which league
  • bet type(s)

Do not mention the match or selection. Then, 4 hours before the match, you will let us know about the exact bet, the stake and the minimum odd you want to bet on. We place the bet, just let us do our job. If you start crushing the odd, we will have much lower chances to bet as well.
b) the highest stakes offer – just tell us what you want to bet on at any time and we will do our best to match it in Asia.

Q5: How do you confirm bets?

A: We use a simple code for faster confirmation. For example:
1/1 means 1,000 Euros accepted, 1,000 pending acceptance
4/5 means 4,000 Euros accepted, 5,000 Euros pending acceptance
0/4 means 0 Euros accepted, 4,000 Euros pending acceptance and so on
Got the idea?
When the full stake is matched, we confirm the total bet and average odd.

Q6: How can you fund my skype betting account?

A: It’s very simple. We use funds from your VIP-IBC account. We credit your winnings there as well, once the match is finished.

Q7: Can my bets get voided once accepted by you?

A: Clear answer – NO.

Do you play for high stakes? Then, contact our Customer Support Team
at support@bet-ibc.com or directly via our Skype Betting for high rollers (id: help.bet-ibc).