SL Benfica vs. FC Arouca

Benfica-V-Arouca On February 10th 2017, SL Benfica and FC Arouca will settle their scores at the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon. The odds are against them but Arouca can show us what they’ve got in this game against one of the best football teams in Europe! And that means that you will need to make a decision and support it here through BET-IBC!

SL Benfica is sitting at the top of the table of the 1st division of the Portuguese League with 48 points, while FC Arouca is merely at the 10th with 27. In the last five matches Arouca managed to defeat Benfica only once, therefore, they need to prove themselves to their fans. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they came out all guns blazing against the scoreboard leader. However, SL Benfica needs those points to widen the single point gap between themselves and the runner-up sworn opponent FC Porto.

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Benfica Arouca odds

May the odds be in your favor!