fa cup
The FA Football Cup is already on its way and the second round will be over with the last 2 matches of December 20th and 21st. The 32 matches of the third round have been scheduled for the weekend 6-9 of January. Each club that advances receives a reward of 67.500 Euros.
The 2016-17 FA Cup is at its 136th year and is by far the world’s oldest recognized tournament. 736 clubs entered the race in August with the Level 5 to 8 clubs going through the 5 rounds (preliminary plus 4) of the Qualifying Competition to advance. Now it’s the Competition Proper phase and the teams will fight hard to get to the finals at the Wembley Stadium on May 27.
The winner of this tournament will qualify for the 2017-18 UEFA Europa League group stage and will receive a £1,800,000 prize. Both are very good motives for a team to fight hard to win the trophy.
Last year it was Manchester United who got all the juice from the FA Cup.

Which club do you think will lift the cup this year?
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