The Reigning Champions vs the Champions to be: Who will win?


Last season was a very unexpected one for all the fans of the English Premier League. On the one hand, the top teams with the super stars struggled for a win. On the other, the unknown Leicester City became the champions. Yesterday’s ceremony awarded Claudio Ranieri as the best manager of 2016 for his amazing efforts. Additionally, the key player Riyad Mahrez was designated as the African best player of the World for 2016. They both did an excellent job last year. For more details take a look here.


The 2015-2016 season was a nightmare for Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. However, a lot has changed since then as far as the teams and the English Premier League are concerned. Now, the reigning champions are on 15th place with 21 points in 20 matches and they are going to play for the 21st round of the EPL against the most winning team for this season, the Blues.
Chelsea has taken the lead with Antonio Conte on the head. They have 49 points in 20 matches with a 13 match winning streak which ended last week when they lost to Tottenham away 2-0.
Leicester City will play at home and they have good statistics at the Walkers (King Power) Stadium. Last time they played Pep Guardiola’s team, they tore them apart by scoring 4 goals. Their first home game against Arsenal was a 0-0 draw. Since the beginning of the season they have lost twice in their home field. And now they are going to confront the Blues.


The record for the London team is quite different. They have lost only 3 times so far this season, with two of these losses being on away games and only once at Stamford Bridge. They are 5 points ahead of Liverpool coming up second on the table. They have the third best offense of the League behind Liverpool and Arsenal, by far the best defense and the top scorer with 14 goals, Diego Costa, belongs to them. Last season’s top scorer Jamie Vardy has only scored 5 times this year. The numbers for both sides say that more than two goals are scored in each of their games.
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