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Hi I'm Carbayera
I run my own blog at www.carbayera.com where I offer free betting advices, stats and football pools results.

 Bet on popular Leagues with the best with BET-IBC
I had worked in a chemical factory for more than 20 years, using my engineering and economics knowledge.
But in 2011, I decided to end this very steady job, and I began to bet. In the first place, I used stats and database results, and recently we have created a blog (in Spanish this time) where we publish different kinds of picks every week.
We normally bet in corner markets as I personally like this market very much. We bet Over/Under lines and Parlays.
With this way of betting, we are able to obtain a not so small income, and add Stocks, Forex and Options markets, in which we have been investing for 20 years. Our monthly income is quite interesting.
Using an adjusted stake and our powerful tools, we will try to beat the markets every week. And you are of course welcomed to join us!

We have bookies which are enough to obtain the best odds in every pick we publish, or in every parlay combination.
In Spain, my country of origin, there are more than 20 bookies available at this moment of which Bet365, Luckia, Codere and Kirolbet may be the best ones.
But in order to obtain the best odds in Asian Handicaps, goals, underdogs and favourites, we strongly need bookmakers which are not listed in Spain.
This is the main reason we are registered to BET-IBC
This agent lets us bet at the biggest Asian bookmakers, such as Pinnacle, Sbobet, and at other several exchanges as Betfair or Matchbook, in a very easy way and with a great Betting Software.
In fact, you can do even better if you opt for a VIP account at BET-IBC. They are a brokerage agency and I found this service a while ago. It quite rapidly becomes the most helpful tool of mine. Why? Because I can have the bookies and their odds on a single screen, accessing them through a single account. So, instead of logging in to one bookmaker, then logging in to another and so on, I can have all the numbers I want at just one place. Individual accounts are still needed for a number of reasons, but for a professional bettor, this VIP service is essential.
And if you need individual accounts, BET-IBC makes all the registration procedures easier.

 Bet on Football with the best Agent with BET-IBC
Our main target is football. We have a huge database, Microsoft Access designed, with nearly sixty thousand football games, not only half and full time results, but also corners, maximum and average odds, for the last five years.
For the corners tips, we generally use the most important Leagues. And for goals tips, we have been preparing picks for both the big and small ones.
According to the Spanish football pools, our Spanish La Liga, Second Division, and Women First League are the ones for which very accurate predictions and percentages are made for the fifteen weekly matches included in Spanish football pools (La Quiniela, as is known in our native language).

We publish a complete PDF format report, with all the matches selected by our database according to the best value odds and success rate in our blog every week, usually on Thursday.
Gold Corners, Silver Corners, Gold Goals and Silver Goals are updated using the weekly fixtures every Thursday.
In addition, one Google Spreadsheet including 500 teams, with all the figures (average home and away corners, goals, and points) is updated too.
In the following link http://carbayera.com/corners-estadisticas-datos-corners-goles-quiniela-5/ , you may get the whole data from 5-11th March.
As the information is very extensive, we publish the tips we consider with the biggest value odds and success rate in Our Telegram Channel https://goo.gl/ndeKqB on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
We use Stake 1 for each individual game, and 0.5 in some Trixie, Doubles, or Triples combinations, which are normally posted for our followers.
On Friday, we also publish a complete report for the Spanish football pools, in order everybody to validate the fifteen Quiniela matches on time before the kick off time. Normally, at least one 2 millions € prize is available in Spanish football pools each week.
Every week, we will try to post on BET-IBC blog two picks which will include goals, asian handicap doubles, and corners individual and parlay selections.


Best tips with Carbayera and BET-IBC