Toronto Raptors VS Washington Wizards

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On March 3rd the Washington Wizards will host the Toronto Raptors at the Verizon Center. Both teams are very close at the Eastern Conference table. The Wizards are 3rd and the Raptors 4th. They have very similar overall team stats, a fact that translates to an expectation for a very close game where the individual players and their condition will make all the difference.

For the Raptors, those players would be their best scorer the shooting guard DeMar DeRozan averaging 27.7 points per game affording him the 5th place on the scorers’ table, the point guard Kyle Lowry with an average of 22.8 points and the center Serge Ibaka with 15.2. Especially DeRozan is the one man show that any defense, let alone the Wizards’ defense, must pay special attention to.

On the Wizards side, point guard John Wall is the undoubted leader, piling an average of 22.9 points and 10.7 assists per game adding another 21.4 points to the team scoring total. Shooting guard Bradley Beal averaging 22.6 points per game cannot go unmarked, while center Marcin Gortat, small forward Otto Porter and power forward Markieff Morris add double digits in the scoring total per game making it difficult for any defense to stop all of them together.


It is most unfortunate for the Raptors that Kyle Lowry is going to have surgery on his right wrist and is expected to miss the rest of the season at least. His absence must be covered by any means necessary and in such cases the coaches usually look for an extra effort from the bench players. It will not be the first time that someone that no one would have thought of, steps forward and makes an impact either in a single game or in a series of matches. Especially since all the NBA players know that the true season begins with the playoffs and it is at these games that everyone is expected to show what he’s got.

Will the home advantage be enough to balance Lowry’s absence? Or will it signify an easy win for the Wizards? Or will it be another one man show by DeRozan? Ask your questions, do your homework, look for the best odds at the bookmakers we work with and place your bets. If you’re looking for a place to follow the results on a live coverage you can always count on BET-IBC to do so for you. Not to mention of course the ease that you can open an account at the bookmaker of your choice here.