Pinnacle exits the Polish market

As of April 1, Poland enacts a new law which makes things even worse for the foreign bookmakers than what they already are. In addition to what is considered by all parties involved (including a number of Polish ministers and other government officials) as a punitive 12% tax on the turnover for the foreign operators, the new law broadens the scope of the online gaming and gambling products the previous legislation covered so that they will be included into the monopoly of the state owned Totalizator Sportowy.


The law was submitted for approval by the Polish parliament last December and then signed by the Polish President Andrzej Duda early in January. Why was it sent for approval by the European Commission when it is in clear violation of their guidelines and their policies with a mandatory standstill to expire on March 31st is anyone’s guess. So is the fact that the Polish government did not bow to the pressure of the Commission to align the law to the general European guidelines or to the complaints of every international operator on the subject. To make matters even worse, the new law imposes domain and payment blocking measures to operators that have not been authorized after July 1.

Citing all of the above along with the difficulty of maintaining operations on a foreign country, Pinnacle announced that it is withdrawing from the Polish market. All accounts of Polish residents will be rendered inactive and all balances will be returned to their owners. Poland of course will be added to the restricted countries list and no Polish residents will be accepted as customers for new accounts in the future.

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