UNITED LONDON F.C. opens new opportunity to the fans

united london

At the moment there is just one football team in the world without a manager – United London F.C

Their chairman, Mark North, decided to give the fans the power to select the team based on a Daily Fantasy Sports style points’ system and came up with the idea of incorporating Reality TV into United London F.C

They created the world’s first managerless club.

The world has been taken up by Reality TV shows such as the X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, and The Voice and North has given the power back to the fans with Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

North spends his time putting up the nets, setting up a pitch side video camera, and curating all of the stats after each game. He then posts all of this information on the club’s website, and lets the fans pick the line-up for the following game based on a DFS style points scoring system.

Those 2,000 fans are online in countries as diverse as Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Sweden and the United States.

In an additional and revolutionary twist, because United London film all of their matches – coupled by the interest the managerless system has created in the media – forgotten players are in the shop window on a regular basis.

And it seems that there’s no stopping North. He wants to make the website even better, combine even more statistics and one day develop the technology for his 2,000+ managers to make in-play decisions on substitutions, free kick takers and any other decisions during the game.

Does North’s idea work?

United London F.C. currently sits on top of the Premier Division with two wins and a draw.