Updates on VIP-IBC

Our platform www.VIP-IBC.com is constantly optimized and upgraded. As part of the process, as of next week, the option for our users to choose from multiple different themes for the appearance on their browsers will no longer be available. Instead, a dark and a light colored theme will be available to everyone.

Both themes became available in the past month and they can be found at the account settings tab under the labels of “Delorean” and “Delorean Light”. The changes were implemented as a result of an improvement of performance, while the functionality of the platform remained exactly the same, and they have to do with the aesthetic appearance of the site in matters of fonts, colors and flags.

As the number of users of our platform grows constantly, along with the availability on sports and markets, it is imperative that the product remains fast, functional, modern and taking advantage of the latest developments in technology. Having to run multiple themes presented a detriment to the proposition and therefore, it had to be removed. Furthermore, the implementation of the change unifies the appearance of the platform to both pcs and mobile devices.

The first thing to notice is that the background color no longer changes to signify In Running, Today and Early Prices screens. The colored bar on the left of the trade and events view now serves this purpose as well as the appropriate indication at the bottom of the betslip.

Real Time Accounting

The previous method of accounting required that our database became updated at 03:00 London time every day, in order to calculate the amounts in fees and commissions that were to be subtracted from the total balance of an account.

On the 10th of October, this will change as we plan to launch our real time fees and commissions update. For every bet, these amounts will be deducted immediately to present the true value of the bet. The same will apply to the account balance removing the need for a daily Betfair, Matchbook or agent commission deduction. The aforementioned true value does not include VIP-IBC´s commission which is deducted after the bet is settled as won or lost. The new accounting-balances page will look like this:

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The “Details” button at the end of each row will display the following information:

Open a VIP-IBC account with us!

The History-Bets tab will also undergo a makeover that will lead to a more comprehensive and less stressful user side:

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The changes to Real time accounting will also ease any unnecessary load on the database and allow for a more efficient update. If you have any questions please contact us, on the relevant skype support address or by e-mail.