WBO king Joseph Parker vs Hughie Fury’s

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On September 23rd Hughie Fury and Joseph Parker will fight each other. Both of them are young and unbeaten and both of them want to show that they are the best. Furthermore, they are eager to defend the honor of their countries.

The grand bout will be fought at the Manchester Arena in the UK. It will be the first major event organized there after the venue was shut down after May’s terrorism attack. That’s Fury’s hometown while for Joseph it will be his first fight in Manchester. The setting can be considered as providing an advantage for Fury as he is the mandatory challenger for the tile despite being WBO’s #1 in ranking.

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Joseph Parker is more experienced as he is fighting since 1992. He obtained a record of 20-0-KO10 and is currently the WBO heavyweight champion, having taken and held the title since 2016. As an amateur he represented New Zeeland at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in the super- heavy division, while he narrowly missed the qualification for the 2012 Olympics.

Hughie Fury has a record of 23-0-KO18 despite him being just 22 years old. He turned professional at the age of 18, the year following his victory for the gold medal at the Youth World Amateur Championship. In December 2016 he was second to Joseph Parker in the WBO heavyweight championship.

It is quite unusual in boxing, especially in the heavyweight division, to get two fighters that:

  • Are equal in record
  • Are both in a rather young age
  • Are both ready to risk their titles and records of invincibility

Who will be the best?

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