Which type of player are you when betting?

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When we talk about betting, the first part and most important part of the equation are the players involved. Each one has its own type which depends:

  • on their budget
  • on whether they play for fun or professionally
  • how often they play
  • which markets they choose to play
  • their profile

These parameters give us sport bettors, race lovers and poker players. Further divisions in subcategories follow depending on the aforementioned facets. We have aggressive football bettors, defensive poker players, cautious race fans and the list goes on. Let’s discuss a few kinds of players:

  • The sporting connoisseur

✎ He or she has a deep knowledge of one or more sports. They use this knowledge to win important prizes.

  • The mathematician

✎ These players do a lot of homework. They study statistics, numbers and all the pertinent information to analyze an upcoming event and make a decision on the outcome.

  • The Sunday bettor

✎ These are mostly football or basketball bettors that follow their team and place bets whenever they are sure of a victory. Usually they do not bet on the outcome only but on other makers pertaining to the same match as well.

  • The compulsive gambler

✎ The people that live to gamble. On everything. From who will become the next President to what size of shows a player wears. Usually the use the self-exclusion options given.

  • The casual player

✎ The vast majority of bettors. A bet every now and then for the fun of it, never with more than their budget can support.

  • The high roller

✎ Those are either professionals that know exactly what they are doing or people with lots and lots of money.

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