Why it is wise to keep records of your bets


Are you probably that kind of bettor personality who is betting on sports day by day yet not keeping any records of your betting activity? If so, please let us strongly advise you that this is a serious omission.
If you are serious about increasing your winnings, you should by all means at least keep basic records to ensure you have a proper overview on your past betting activities and the resulting winnings and losses.

Please let us assure you that it is not a big deal to acquire the attitude of keeping records. It just requires to make some brief notes on any bet you are placing, and then organize these notes. This will enable you to clearly see where and what you were winning or losing, which is vital to balancing your budget. Suitable criteria for tracking your notes typically are the following:

  • Selection
  • Odds
  • Stake
  • Result – won or lost
  • Return if won

It appears to be a fact that many bettors actually do not have a clue of how much they are winning or losing in the end. Risk is in the absence of records it may well go unnoticed that you are losing more than would think.

Naturally, while you are gambling with some money for entertainment and taking into account to potentially lose it, if the loss materializes it does not have to be a big problem, however it is best practice to always keep track of the finance numbers to avoid overspending and unpleasant surprises further down the road when you may find your account empty. This way you will achieve awareness of your spending and can adjust your betting accordingly.

Chances also are – and we do hope for you so – that you are on the winning side and made more money than you expected. Against this pleasant backdrop you should consider a more planned and systematic approach to your future betting. In order to create and increase your profits, what you should do is focus your betting on areas where you won money, and stop betting where you were losing. This will make a big difference.

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