World Baseball Classic 2017

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is an international baseball tournament  which begun in 2003 and since then it takes place every four years. This year it will be Colombia and Israel that will have the chance to compete against the top baseball teams being the new participants. Apart from them, the other participants are: Canada, China, Chinese, Cuba, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Korea, United States, Venezuela, Australia and Mexico.

The hosts for the first-round will be Tokyo, Seoul, Miami, and Guadalajara. The second round will be hosted in Tokyo and San Diego, while the championship round will be held in Los Angeles.

The reigning champion is the national baseball team of The Dominican Republic and you should keep your eyes on BET-IBC for the news about the new one.

The schedule bellow will help you build your betting strategy!

FIRST ROUND (Round robin) Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D SECOND ROUND (Round robin)POOL E POOL F SEMIFINALS (Single elimination) CHAMPIONSHIP (Single elimination)
March 7-10 March 7-10 March 9-12 March 9-12 March 12-15 March 14-18 March 20-21 March 22
Tokyo “Tokyo Dome” Seoul South Korea “Gocheok Skydome” Miami “Marlins Park”Guadalajara Mexico “Estadio Charros de Jalisco” Tokyo “Tokyo Dome” San Diego “Petco Park” Los Angeles”Dodger Stadium” Los Angeles “Dodger Stadium”
Teams: Australia, China, Cuba, Japan Teams: Taiwan, South Korea, Netherlands, Winner of Brooklyn, N.Y. qualifier (Brazil, Great Britain, Israel, Pakistan) Teams: Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, United States Teams: Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela Teams: Pool A winner, Pool A runner-up, Pool B winner, Pool B runner-up Teams: Pool C winner, Pool C runner-up, Pool D winner, Pool D runner-up Teams: Pool F winner vs. Pool E runner-up; Pool E winner vs. Pool F runner-up Semifinal 1 winner vs. Semifinal 2 winner

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