Bet on Tour de France 2017 via BET-IBC

Bet on the Tour de France 2017 at SBOBET – via BET-IBC!

From the beginning of July, the fans of cycling will enjoy the most famous bicycle race in the world. The event with the long and impressive history. The Tour de France. For 2017 it will begin on July 1st in Düsseldorf and will end on July 23rd in Paris as always, on the Champs-Élysées stage as per the most traditional ways of the Tour de France . This year the race will pass through the territories of Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and, of course, France, in a total of 21 stages and a distance to be covered of 3,540 kilometers. SBOBET– one of the top bookmakers BET-IBC works with – already prepared the odds for this important European event! We suggest that you take advantage of SBOBET’s early market offers!

Bet on Tur de France 2017 via BET-IBC

Origins of the race

The history of Tour de France goes back to 1923. It was originally created as an advertising project of of L’Auto newspaper by its editor and co-founder, Henri Desgrange. The author of the idea is the paper’s journalist Jéo Lefèvre. The race was a result of a tough competition between L’Auto and Le Vélo aiming to increase L’Auto’s sales.

Tour de France met with great success from the very beginning, resulting subsequently in the increase of sales for the newspaper L’Auto as well, with the number of subscribers growing from 25,000 in 1903 to 65,000 after the Tour. During the race in 1923, 500,000 copies of the newspaper were being sold per day. In 1908, the number of subscribers had already reached an impressive 250,000.

The interesting fact is that the famous Yellow Jerseys which were “invented” for the Tour de France specifically and are highly associated with it today, were awarded the color because of the newsprint of L’Auto which was yellow in contrast with their competitors’ pigment which was green. Nowadays the idea of colored jerseys is used for a lot of sports. The event now is organized by the Tour de France Society, which is a part of the Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) also organizing the other world famous event of the Dakar Rally.

Tour de France 2017

The Grande Départ of 2017 was initially set for London, However, the plan was changed and the start of the race was moved to Düsseldorf. This is the fourth time the Tour will launch from Germany and supposedly it will become a symbol of the renewal of interest in cycling for the Germans. Indeed, after several cases of doping, the German media lost interest in the sport and did not broadcast the Tour de France on television for several years. It will also be the first time that the event will be televised in full on the French media.
The participants will have to overcome 9 flat stages, 5 hilly stages and 5 mountain stages with just 2 days of rest.

Tour de France favorites

At this time the Tour de France favorites are: Richie Porte, Alberto Contador, Chris Froome, Alejandro Valverde and Louis Meintjes. To check the entire list of challengers for the title of winner, to determine your own favorites and to bet on the General Classification Winner, you need to create a SBOBET account via BET-IBC and be in the very center of the main cycling event of the year!

Bet on Tur de France 2017 at SBOBET