Efficient market from Pinnacle Sports for the ATP Tournaments

Limited liquidity is the main problem for exchange tennis bettors in the early rounds of ATP Tournaments.

There are two main points why Betfair has a low liquidity: event specific issues and general changes to exchange betting conditions.

If you as a player intend to bet in-play on tennis tournaments at Betfair you should be aware that the available liquidity can be influenced by the unfavourable timing.

Also, to make matters worse, Betfair also has a special arrangement with Australian betting regulators, from were it’s deducted that the bettor must to move funds from Main Wallet to their Australian Wallet in order to be able to place bets on Australian Market.

Taking this theme a bit further an exchange should offer a free market for betting and free market economics suggest that odds should quickly move and get true value. Backers and layers both seek optimal profit so the differential between the two should diminish, and this should produce close to a 100% market – one with no margin.

This might be real enough if the market was efficient. But unfortunately a commission on winnings still applies even when the market is inefficient, such as when there is a lack of volume.

While liquidity appears to be declining on exchanges and on Australian Market it’s going in the opposite direction at Pinnacle Sports.

Tennis bettors deserve a product that matches the excitement .

How does Pinnacle Sports offers a much better option for tennis bettors?

  • Highest fixed odds limits online, and as bettors can re-bet at the maximum limit, this presents almost unlimited potential liquidity and the ability to build positions.
  • Low margins – a better chance to win more. This is especially true for tennis with margins as low as 2%.

As Pinnacle Sports offers the highest limits online, its bettors (players) can take advantage of an unlimited potential liquidity and also have the ability to build positions.

In additions to this take a look at the odds for the winner of the ATP French Open 2016:


So if you are looking for best tennis liquidity for the ATP open French free of commission then Pinnacle Sports is the best place for you. Simply open an account in here to take full advantage.