European Bookmakers

What's the point?

Euro BookiesYou might have heard about bookmakers from Asia and the amazing betting opportunities they provide, but you don’t feel just ready to go on that adventure yet.

If you’re at the starting point of your betting career, perhaps it’s even better to take it step by step; give a few of the bigger brands from the industry a try first and get to checking out the Asian bookmakers when you feel comfortable enough with the European ones, which are a good starting point.

Europe is an ever growing market for sports betting, therefore we have a lot of European bookmakers going out of their way to provide good opportunities for bettors. With so many options, and so many sports to choose from, sometimes it proves difficult to decide which bookmaker is best for you, which creates another issue.

To ease said confusion, we provide you with unbiased reviews of some of the biggest European online bookmakers. Some of them offer bonuses upon signing; others have special deals and incentives. In general, they all have their post and cons, but the fact that we are writing about them in this section indicates that they are good enough to give them a try!

Top Euro Bookmaker Reviews

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You will notice that the major sports discipline for European bettors is football, but, depending on the region you’re from, bookmakers also offer you the chance to bet on greyhound or horse races, especially for the enjoyment of UK-based customers, or cricket if you’re from India and still want to open an account with a European bookmaker.

And what's next?

MAXBET - Asia's Number OneOnce you get the hang of sports betting and begin to win consistently while making good money, you will find that some of the bookmakers might start giving you problems, like delaying your withdrawals, limiting your betting stakes and even close your account, when due to their “suspicious behavior” policy. That’s also when you will find BET-IBC’s services truly useful and see the real potential in the Asian sports betting industry.

As for the European bookies, we all know some of them (if not all of them) have flaws; maybe their odds are not always the best, their bonuses are weak or the betting possibilities are limited, but they are still a good starting point those who are new to the betting world or casual bettors who don’t intend to make a career in sports betting.

Read our reviews and decide which European bookmaker suits your needs the best; do everything at your own pace, and when you’re ready to upgrade your betting career to a professional level, you will find bookmakers like MAXBET the perfect solution. You will appreciate characteristics such as no betting limits, high odds, rich in-play offer and the fact that the bookmaker never limits or closes winning player accounts. These characteristics, along with BET-IBC's top quality of service made a lot of bettors happy. Join us whenever you're ready, we'll be waiting patiently!