Fair999 Exchange Review

General Information:

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Website languages: English
Company / legal form:
Established in: 2015
Category: Betting Exchanges
Minimum stake: Varies per case
Commission: 5% on winnings.
Odds Format: EU
Mobile version:
Non-service countries:
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The Fair999 Exchange was established in 2015 and it’s driven by cutting edge technology and a focus on offering value to its customers. As it is powered by Betfair, it has the same main characteristics as the other exchanges that comprise its competition:

  • No Premium Charges
  • Identical Odds
  • The same liquidity

Fair999 allows you to bet freely on whatever you want, whenever you want. Either you back or lay, or set up your own offer for others to check if it can be matched, either in the pre-match mode or during in-play, just register and enjoy the experience!


The attractive feature of Fair999 is its totally exclusive website design. Some of Betfair’s white labels have chosen to have a similar design. To show its independence, Fair999 has decided to present a completely different appearance.

The selection of sports is pretty good:

American Football
Australian Rules
Greyhound Racing
Horse Racing
Ice Hockey
Motor Sports
Rugby League
Rugby Union

In a nutshell, Fair999 takes into consideration every bettor’s needs by emphasizing on the offers and the special bets on politics, thus affording a good list of opportunities to its users.

The website is easy to use even for beginners and it is also pleasing to the eyes. The platform is mobile friendly, so it can be used by any mobile device, while the loading speed is unbelievably fast. The mobile interface was designed very well and offers comfortable use for the punters with all the sports and types of bets available.

Fair Exchange actively focuses on innovation, so they are able to constantly improve and enhance their product. The goal is to provide a best-in-class platform so users can have the ultimate online gaming experience.

Fair999 Exchange and BET-IBC

BET-IBC is proud to announce that we have added Fair999 to the list of bookmakers we can open accounts at. The procedure stays as simple as it has always been. Just fill in the registration form, open an account in Euros and start winning.

If you want to, you can always use the option that we provide for all the customers, which is to transfer the funds from another account you have, to your new FAIR999 Exchange one. It is, of course, imperative, that both accounts be opened through BET-IBC’s services.

We always try to bring you the best from the gambling industry. FAIR999 EXCHANGE is definitely a part of the category, so just go ahead and open an account now!