FIBV Volleyball World League

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Every year the best 36 teams in Volleyball participate in the FIBV Volleyball World League, separated in three groups. Those who finish at the top of Groups 2 and 3 advance to the group immediately above while the winner of Group 1 is the World League Champion. The format of the League is such that there are plenty of games every week to place your bets on and make a killing on the profits. BET-IBC is dedicated into offering you every available chance of participating in such opportunities, while Pinnacle/Pinbet88 is the top class bookmaker that offers the best odds of the market for the event.

What is the Volleyball World League?

Check odds for FIBV Volleyball World League

In all sports, the major competitions that involve national teams are organized in 2- or 4- year cycles that include preliminary and qualification rounds in specific time periods and a preset final round in a predetermined location. The Volleyball World League is an annual event that differs in every aspect. Let’s see some of the rules:

  1. Local media coverage and live TV broadcasting by free channels is mandatory. No media channels that operate via subscription are allowed.
  2. There is no specific location for any of the matches. All participating nations host matches except the nation that will organize the final phase.
  3. The tournament is spread throughout the entire year. Through the preliminary rounds the teams are separated in pools where each team plays all other teams in the pool in a total of four matches, two as hosts and two as guests.

  4. Each team can declare a list of 19 players out of which 14 can play at each match including two liberos. The lineups can change for every weekend that the matches are given except the final rounds where only 14 players are allowed.

Teams to pay attention to.

The most successful national team is Brazil with 9 titles in men and 11 in women. Italy has 8 in men, Russia 3 in both men and women and the U.S.A. 2 in men and 6 in women. China and the Netherlands have won one title in both men and women each. Apart from these traditional sides, teams that always play a role come from Cuba, Serbia, Japan, France and lately Poland.

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Check odds for FIBV Volleyball World League

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