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How to Place a Bet at MAXBET

Create an account MAXBET

When you click here (see screenshot above), you will be shown the daily offering of football (soccer) bets. MAXBET offers multiple betting variations: HDP (Handicap) and OU (Over/Under), even/uneven end result as well as normal 1X2 betsn (Odd Even 1X2), correct score as well as the full number of goals. Please be sure to select your preferred odds format in the upper left corner of MAXBET (Dec, My, HK).

In the screenshot above, the odds and corresponding handicap has been highlighted. Simply click here and the bet appears, as shown below.

On the left side of the page you can see the bet you have chosen. You see what outcome, odds and handicap you want to play. Also shown is the minimum and maximum betting amount for the selected bet. Simply click on “Process Bet” to proceed to the next step.

Here you can either confirm or cancel the bet.

Once you have submitted your bet, it is highlighted in pink and shown to the left-hand side. The status is shown as “waiting” – this means that the bet is waiting to be accepted by MAXBET (former IBCBET). Whether MAXBET accepts the bet or not does not depend on how much you bet, what the odds are even if your account is in the black or in the red. It depends on the current game conditions. In football (soccer), every bet is accepted if the ball is in a secure position (goal kick or centre circle). If there is currently a dangerous free kick or another standard situation, the bet will remain under “waiting”. Once the bet is accepted, you can find it under “Bet List” with the status “running”.

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