Trading softwares: automating your betting strategy



On the market since 2009, GeeksToy is considered a relatively new trading software within the industry, if compared to other similar platforms. Unlike the offers of other trading softwares existing at that time, it hit the market with some extra completely appealing features.

Up to date, Geekstoy continues to emphasize features like analyzing the market or executing trades. Additionally, the software offers the ‘practice mode’ option. That means that users receive a $10.000 practice fund, and they can be spent on every market at their preference.

This amount will not affect in the end the balance of your bank account, but it will surely teach you different strategies on how is better to perform the betting or trading activity within the site.

Aside from this, here is a collection of features that you can easily find:

  • Estimated queue position;
  • Market overview and ladder selector;
  • Audio alert manager;
  • Market close warning;
  • Last matched amount.

When it comes to the interface topic, it does not take a larger space than a rectangular small window. As it has a standard format, you should be able to easily find the question mark button in the upper right part of the window. By clicking left on it, the user is able to visualize all the explanations for this software’s specific features. By clicking right, all the available options about a specific feature will appear. Aside from the usage for Betfair giant, Geekstoy can be successfully used also for Matchbook sports betting exchange.



Thanks to the impressive list of innovative tools, trading software ensures an easy trade on the betting exchange. The major difference from a software to another consists in the provided tools.

Therefore, BetAngel serves as a good platform for people with serious approach in the trading sports bets.

Conceptualized by a software company under the guide of Peter Webb, Bet Angel brings to customers’ attention a generous list of features that regular traders will surely enjoy for the fetched profitable trades.

To the traders’ joy, BetAngel can be tested on a free trial period, option available in order to help newcomers to be acquainted to the user interface and to some elementary characteristics. BetAngel ensures two types of subscriptions: Basic and Professional. The last one - Bet Angel Professional - encompasses other two separate software applications: Soccer Mystic and tennis trader. A common feature for all versions of BetAngel consists in its almost instant updating system.

One of BetAngel Professional’s distinct features resides in the chance to place bets simultaneously at different sporting events. It is possible due to the multi-screen trading option, thus having the automatic opportunity of multiple orders.

Another feature that we would like to point out is the bunch of video tutorials available across the entire site. Other great features are the possibility to design or emphasize personal betting bots; auto-bet function – using this function traders will have back and lays bets placed automatically; an easier trade across multiple positions; full customization.



Unlike the great majority of other look-alike trading softwares, BetEngine presumes an innovative structure brought in front of users, meaning more delightful features. BetEngine software bot covers all your expectations: large support for both greyhound and horseracing, betting systems that run at once in a successful way, historical data and statistical analysis stored in a much easier way in order to bring a much more attractive use of the site.

Two basic traits that BetEngine is distinguishing from other similar programs reside in its reliability and speed. With these features and a good customer support backing up all these characteristics, it really represents a friendly software.

No matter how many functions are launched and running, the BetEngine program preserves its speed and an up and running functionality, fetching at any one time multiple odds selections. Additionally, if preferred, bets might be exported to an excel doc, and this is even without risking your real account balance, as test mode is available.

Here is a panel of the most attractive BetEngine features: automatic/manual selections, min/max bets and runners, profit targets, test mode, virtual betting bank for each system, possibility to export bets for Excel, etc.

With all this knowledge sinking in, it would be a haziness not to benefit of such great trading softwares. Overall, it is all a learning process, and all you need to do is to give it a shot – it’s worth it. Just pick one at your taste and expectations and start to make money by trading!



Once opening the BfBotManager application, the user is greeted with a choice of bots, which provide options such as Trading, Dutching, Back/Lay, Multi Strategy, Soccer Draw and Notes. A thing that catches the eye is the possibility to run multiple strategies at once, and they can be run on both Betfair and Matchbook on different sporting events.

As a basic condition, the BfBotManager trading program has an ease-of-use and user-friendly interface, presenting simplicity in operating. One appealing characteristic displayed is the guideline with screenshots and, if you want to test the software on your own, BfBotManager offers a free trial.

Therefore, before purchasing the trading software, feel free to fully explore its options and functions.



Like any other trading program, Cymatic Trader is a platform that facilitates trading and betting directly on the interface through the user’s Betfair account.

Cymatic takes betting and trading activities to a higher level, especially thanks to the provided unique features improved over the years of activity. Conceptualized originally for professional traders, Cymatic currently welcomes newbies even more than ever.

As a great feature of this software, Cymatic allows opening multiple markets at the same time only by an one-click movement, so the trading with the help of personalized ladders or grids is available.

Some great-customized features are the following: the visualization of the real-time prices in Excel format; the display of the candlestick, bar, line charts or an amazing array of technical analysis indicators.

Another distinctive feature that wears a Cymatic label is ‘API Monitor’: it uncovers almost immediately errors or glitches from the site or those having web provenience. Equally, it helps to calculate real time statistics; the software can send an automatic email to the user notifying him about it.

Some of the major key-features are the following: free use, certification by Betfair, unbeatable speed, training mode, grid interface, ladder interface, position in queue, excel integration, automated trading robot, multi-market, racing autopilot, football odds predictor, etc.



Traderline stands as an official platform certified and acknowledged by Betfair’s API team. When it comes to Betfair’s additional options, the software overcomes its competitors with the great features included.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, Traderline brings betting and trading to new heights by improving the overall financial level.

This performance is reached by a few simpler options, all made in one click: monitoring live markets, analyzing statistics and completing multiple transactions.

If you want to dig deeper in the Traderline realm, please discover the most impressive features displayed below:

  • Ladder Interface;
  • Live Scores;
  • Exclusive head-to-head stats;
  • One touch betting;
  • Stop Loss;

This software has three interfaces:

  • the grid – the interface is basically the same as Betfair’s site, but it includes a larger variety of options;
  • the ladder interface – the most common interface;
  • multi-bet interface – it allows easy application with Dutching and Bookmaking interfaces.


A relatively new trading tool, FairBot allows everyone to enjoy the trading experience from the comfort of their own house, and the procedure has never been easier than the actual one: just one-click movement and that’s all the bothering.

Betfair API solution is the official reliable and secure software and its use ensures a wide range of possibilities. You can see the most popular features listed below:

  • The Ladder Interface – this option displays prices vertically, which brings, according to the market changes, to an easier place of the bet or removal of it within seconds.
  • “Keep bets” support – the feature that turns automatically the unmatched bets into the in play ones.
  • The refreshment of an event lasts to as low as 0.2 seconds gap.
  • Stake buttons. This feature encompasses the NET button, which means the use of predefined stakes on the Ladder platform.
  • One-click movement for placing bets or trades.
  • “Greening Up” option evens the profit or the loss across for all the selections.
  • Advanced Charting includes technical analysis indicators, such as SMA, MACD, CCI, Bollinger Bands, EMA, RSI.
  • “Fill or Kill” option (for trades or single bets) cancels automatically unmatched bets.
  • “Drag&Drop” tool changes the odds of unmatched bets by amending the position of bets upper or lower on the ladder.
  • With the help of “Smart Bets”, the stake can be calculated in such way to obtain the maximum profit for the betting exchange operations.
  • Countdown clock displays the remaining time right before the pre-established start of an event.
  • Asian Handicap Support.


Betfair offers a generous list of various trading programs, with the oldest one pointing to BetTrader. Adam Todd, one of the most profitable traders and ‘father’ of BetTrader, conceptualized and further developed this cutting-edge trading application.

The main goal of the program was to bring a fresh outlook on live prices, fetching the possibility to place bets online. At that time, BetTrader, the first ladder interface, brought the new ladder price display, prices being presented on a ‘vertical axis’. It was Betfair’s genuine breakthrough.

At the end of the first 21-century’s decade, the author of the platform decided to rebrand and modernize it with browser technologies. Today, BetTrader Evolution stands as the innovative trading software within the entire industry. It displays live updating markets on the Betfair site, allowing to place bets faster and more efficiently.

Aside from this, if the predetermined conditions are respected, the extensive trading tools place bets automatically. The software has three modes available: BetTrader training mode, BetTrader Evolution Free Mode and BetTrader Turbo. No matter the preferred version of the platform you choose or the type of sports market you select, BetTrader is designed to ease and improve your bettor’s activity on Betfair’s site, offering a better chance towards success.

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