Odds Converter

Having a hard time understanding any odd format? Use the converter from BET-IBC and betting will become easy!


Betting on an In-Play event? Then you will need to check the score as it goes! Choose your sport and follow the goals!

Asian Handicap and Over/Under Calculator

Tired of calculations? We understand you! This is why BET-IBC is bringing you the calculator for your winnings when you bet on Asian Handicap and Over/Under.

VPN – No More Gambling Restrictions

VPN service is a must for a bettor. You are  wondering which provider works the best and makes no troubles? Read BET-IBC’s recommendations based on thousands of players’ experience.

Trading softwares: automating your betting strategy

Trading isn’t the same nowadays. High liquidity, fast changing odds -a trading software is what comes in handy when you want your betting activity to be profitable. Make sure to check the best trading softwares out there!