Matchbook API upgrades


It seems that every time we check Matchbook’s features, we find something improved, their goal is to become a significant player in the European and Asian betting markets, and they are always looking for new ways to offer better and new options to their clients. That’s why BET-IBC would like to inform its clients about some exciting new changes that will be coming soon to the matchbook API.
Starting next Monday, April 8th, Matchbook will gradually introduce two new market types. These markets will perform the same as all other market types but the market-type attribute will be different. If your integration with Matchbook relies on this attribute, you might need to make changes to allow you to bet on these new types. If you want to know more about them, you can check our Matchbook review.

The new market types are:


First goalscorer will be a soccer multi runner market. Runner names will follow the format [First name] [Last Name].


All markets that don’t already have a specific type on Matchbook will have other as their market type. This includes single and multi-winner markets.

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