The following article aims to teach you about the minimum bet stakes, for the bookmaker accounts opened via BET-IBC.


Ordinarily, bookmakers have a strict fixed minimum bet amounts. Most bookmakers via an Agent require that punters wager at least 1 EUR on an individual match. Other bookmakers have set that limit to higher amounts. While the bookmakers may consider it as a very reasonable practice to have these limits, many sports bettors disagree with it and want to play for lower stakes. From a business administration perspective, the lowest the minimum bet stakes are, the more appealing becomes the betting industry to the wide public as the vast majority cannot afford to bet more than a few Euros at a time. Furthermore, novice bettors can learn the ropes without too much risk.
However, there is a cost in maintaining the online pages and the entire system involved in the betting industry, there are taxes to be paid to the local taxations systems, and there’s a cost in researching new concepts and updating those some pages to keep up with the competition. This cost creates a margin of funds that a bookmaker must make as profit out of the bettors. So the minimum bet limits represent this margin, which is fundamental to the continuous running of the industry.


bet-ibc minimum stakes
There is a number of reasons why a punter would want to wager at low stakes at a time. Let’s discuss a few:
1) Sports bettors who enjoy playing high-odd accumulators, can make a lot of money without risking an equivalent amount out of their pocket if they lose.
2) New systems present an unfamiliarity to bettors, so until they become familiar, they do not see why larger sums should be risked.
3) Not every bettor plays for the monetary reward. There are those who just like to make it interesting. To them, just being on the correct side is rewarding enough.
4) It is the most fundamental law of online betting that a person should not gamble with more than they can afford to lose. As aforementioned, this may only be 2-3 Euros at a time.


The automated systems usually do not allow a player to wager a lower stake than the minimum allowed. However, records of these instances are kept and if someone repeatedly makes the same mistake, they run the risk of their account being restricted and/or closed.
BET-IBC offers you the chance of opening accounts to top class bookmakers that simultaneously have the lowest minimum bet stakes.

Bookmaker (Last update 05.12.2018) Min. stake
Betfair 2 EUR
PS3838 5 EUR , 25 USD, 25 GBP
Sbobet 3 EUR
Matchbook 3 EUR
OrbitX 4 EUR
Betisn 10 EUR
Maxbet 3 EUR, 3 USD, 20 SGD, 20 MYR
Turf7 10 EUR
Best Betting Exchange 10 EUR


In the history of sports betting, there have been countless unexpected results causing many players to lose money and major winnings for a few. BET-IBC has found some examples of big accumulator wins for 3 lucky punters with low stakes.
bet via betibc on minimum stakes
Fred Craggs made a profit of 1 million GBP out of a stake of just 50 pennies. In 2008 he placed a bet on an eight-horse accumulator that included selections at three meetings – Sandown, Wolverhampton and Dubai. All eight of his selections went on to win, building for Mr. Craggs the huge prize of 1,000,000 GBP.
Agnes Haddock is perhaps one of the most known players of Scoop6 bet as she won 688,620 GBP from just a 2 pound stake. The event was held in 2007. Agnes selected six winners in a horse racing accumulator bringing her a net profit of 270,288 GBP out of an overall payout of 688,620 GBP.
On 30th of January 2016, William Hill posted on twitter a picture of one of their customer’s football betting slips. The punter had placed 1 pound on a 16-match accumulator that ended up bringing a princely 181,570.50 GBP.

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