Turf7 Review


The vast majority of online bookmakers offer markets on those sports that interest the vast majority of players. Meaning that you have a multitude of options for football, basketball, tennis and every other conceivable sport and non-sport that a bettor can use, including horse and greyhound races. However, this means that a player would need to sort out what he needs from a long list and that’s not always easy especially for sites that have not been designed for beginners.
Turf7 is an effort for specialization and is addressed to everyone. Horse and greyhound racing are very popular sports for bettors in certain areas of the world and many of them would relish the opportunity to have a site dedicated to betting on these sports alone. Turf7 has listened to those people and presents its new website covering their needs.


First of all, Turf7 is a betting exchange and not a Sportsbook. That by itself is a major issue as the number of exchanges on animal racing is limited. At this time it is only available in English and Chinese and, apart from betting, it offers a few very easy to use online lotteries and games.

In general, the entire concept of the site is focused on the ease of use and the access from any devices capable of connecting to the internet from anywhere in the world anytime.
The races offered are centered on the three areas of the world where horse and greyhound racing are predominant sports: the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. In all likelihood, races in other areas are going to be added in the future, while it is also expected to increase the time margins for pre-match betting which are now rather limited as the site is mostly concentrated on live betting.

What is also expected to become more extensive are the options on settings that are offered. As it is now, a user can change the way the odds are displayed and the language in the general options and have some details displayed in the account options. However, this is quite expected from a brand new site and since the main interface on betting works fine and very fast, they deserve to be accorded every patience to tweak peripheral details such as the aforementioned.

General information

Here are some details on what to expect upon visiting turf7:
1) Accounts are offered in Euros only
2) The help section has been prepared with very detailed and very precise instructions on the 4D and Mark6 lottery exchanges. The section for the races betting is not yet completed, however judging by the way the other help sections are presented, when it is ready, it will be extremely helpful and quite complete.
3) All race betting refers to races in the 3 regions that take place on the same day.
4) The live race coverage is limited to races from Australia only.
5) For the time being betting is limited to some countries as follows:
Hong Kong - Horse races only
Singapore - Horse races only
Australia - Horse and Dog races only
United Kingdom - Horse races only
Ireland - Horse races only
6) Please note that on Turf7 only the full balance of the account can be withdrawn! Turf7 settles all balances once per week on Sunday evenings - Monday mornings and any withdrawals can be made on Monday morning after the account has been updated with the new balance.
7) Deposits and withdrawals fees you can easily check here or you can contact customer support.


Turf7 is brand new. Like all new things it has some issues to resolve but it shows great promise for the future in addressing the needs of the horse and greyhound racing fans. It is definitely worth the try for those of you who do not want to get entangled with other sports and focus on what interests you more.

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